IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard: Pricing and Comparison

IPEVO has become is a cheap alternative to Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) . If you already own a projector, there is no reason to replace it completely with a touchscreen or a brand new IWB. You can attach the IPEVO to your projector and get a comparable experience.

Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard System.

Comparison with other IWB solutions:

Compared to traditional IWB solutions such as interactive projector, Smartboards or Promethean boards IPEVO captured the attention of business and education users a like with the following values

  • can be used with existing projectors
  • cost-effective

Comparison with Ubi sensor:     The major areas where eBeam falls behind user expectation are as following

  • Dependency on a stylus: interactivity using stylus is old fashioned and often un-intuitive. Having spoiled by tablet and smartphones, users have realized the easiness of finger touch. Not having to worry about a lost stylus and being able to walk up to the display and interact is powerful.
  • Lack of touch support: Ipevo at best simulates a mouse. This can make simple tasks such as scrolling a web browser a chore. You have to walk to the other side of the display and use the track bar instead of just swiping down the page.
  • No multi-touch: Ipevo does not offer any multi-touch support, which means no pinch and zoom on browsers or maps. Which also means no multi-user interaction.
  • Manual calibration: Having to click through dots, each time just wastes valuable time in class or meeting. This also makes the interaction experience vulnerable to user errors.
  • Un-intuitive annotation app: The annotation app that comes along with the device, requires quite a bit of training before you get used to it. This is another tame waster, where the user wants to just get going without wasting time.

As you know, Ubi sensor has

  • Automatic calibration that takes only 16ms. You can also skip it, if you keep using the same set up
  • Up to 20 touch points
  • Can work as touch or mouse depending on the applications
  • A collection of free and simple to use education apps – Ubi Camera, Ubi Annotation, Shaerable Webwhiteboard

Here is a summary table with all the comparison.

Finger touchNoYes
Automatic calibrationNoYes
Support for touch gesturesNoYes
Multi-touch supportNoYes
AppsOnly AnnotationAnnotation, Document Camera, Web whiteboard. Ubi Hub

You can learn more about Ubi sensor and how it can work for you here.