Customer Stories: Reynolds and Reynolds

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, from Ohio has a heritage of nearly 150 years of business operations.  Building upon their vast experience on optimizing the business process at auto dealers, today, Reynolds and Reynolds delivers the software, business forms and supplies, and professional services that support all areas of automotive retailing for car dealers and automakers.

Driven by a vision for business transformation, Reynolds and Reynolds focuses on improving the customer experience and that starts at home. The motivation for transforming the way meetings are conducted, presentations are done  and customers are wowed drove their team to look for a way to upgrade their conference rooms.

David Drees, the System Administrator at Reynolds and Reynolds speaks to us about his experience with Ubi.

What were you looking for when you discovered Ubi ?

We have a conference room which we use on a daily basis to do both internal and external presentations. We have a ceiling mounted projector in there. I was looking for a way to make that a touch screen to increase the efficiency of our meetings.  

Why Ubi ?

It was very important that, the chosen solution worked with our existing projection. Our projection display is larger than standard size ( about 120”) and Ubi was the only solution that promised to work with that big a display.

How was your experience setting up Ubi?

I set it up myself, but we have had a few problems along the way that your tech support has helped us with.

How does your Ubi set up look like ?

We have a ceiling mounted projector making a display on the wall. Ubi sensor is set up with a wall mount.

Ubi standard integrated wall mount

Have you used any of the Ubi apps?

We use the annotation quite a bit as well as the whiteboard. It allows each team member to walk up and take notes during a meeting. No more taking pictures of a whiteboard.

What can Ubi do better?

Help us customize Ubi menu so that we can keep only the icons we need.

What is the best thing that you love about Ubi?

It helped us get rid of the large podium we had in the room, and let us do presentation with less clutter.