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 Hoodies have been a staple of the modern wardrobe for decades now. Everyone from businessmen to students and even celebrities can be seen wearing them. But not many realize that hoodies are like any other article of clothing—they come in different shapes, sizes and varieties. You can wear them with different outfits and to suit ….  Read More

Understanding cycles of fashion

Understanding cycles of fashion

It has been a part of the social and cultural practices for years and even decades. Fashion trends are recurring or change over the course of. The reason for these cycles is largely dependent on the current political climate. Let’s take a view of the way fashion trends are created: What is fashion? Many people believe that fashion ….  Read More

Analyzing the clothing of reputable fashion writers

Analyzing the clothing of reputable fashion writers

In the fashion world the importance of style is paramount. It’s an opportunity to show off yourself as well as a means to keep up with the latest trends of the fashionistas around you. You can show your personality through color choices as well as accessories, no one tells more about your style than the clothes you ….  Read More

Why Video Is The Future Of Ecommerce

Ecommerce has been growing at a phenomenal rate for years. It has given birth to giant firms such as Amazon, Shopify and others, who have ridden the wave of this incredible market opportunity. Yet, ecommerce comes with its downsides. Many retailers who are managing the transition to ecommerce, find that they lose their ability to ….  Read More

Best Practices For Gentle Parenting

As parents, we are always looking for better ways to parent our children. The guiding principle of any parenting technique has to be that it must enable both parent and child to flourish. There are many answers to this question and many parents try, consciously or not, to blend various approaches to try and create ….  Read More

How To Transition From Virtual To In-Person Teaching

The pandemic caused a shift from in-person to virtual teaching and just as many people have become comfortable with that arrangement, we are shifting back from virtual to in-person teaching. Some teachers will use a hybrid teaching environment to address the needs of their children. Some teachers expect to be shifting back to in-person teaching ….  Read More

The Impact Of Zoom On Cosmetic Dentistry

The global pandemic forced a shift to remote work and the use of video conferencing platforms for communication with teams, friends and family. As more and more people used video conferencing platforms such as Zoom to communicate, their faces became the focus of attention. With in-person communication, your face is less important than you realize. ….  Read More

Why Elder Care Is So Expensive For Americans

Elder care is exhausting, expensive, and unrelenting. As people age, their physical health and often, their cognitive abilities too, decline gradually at first. Then, suddenly, they seem to fall off of a cliff and fall, and fall and fall again. After each cliff, an older adult has often fallen so far that it is well ….  Read More

What Is The Impact Of Dental Implants?

Regardless of the enormous improvements in dental care over the last few decades, millions of Americans continue to suffer from tooth loss, largely due to periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. For a long time, the only available treatments for missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Today, dental implants have become the most popular and ….  Read More

Toxic Inequities in Personal Care Products

Dr. Jeniffer McPartland, a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) health program has written a blog post on how science can explain inequity and in personal care and beauty products.  Dr. McPartland begins by pointing out that we are used to thinking of issues of environmental injustice in terms of geographies. For example, ….  Read More