Author: Jason Prowse

Thinking of DIY Solar Panel Installation? Think Again

Did you know that more than 230,000 Americans work in solar? As the need for solar energy systems increases, more technicians are finding jobs and getting qualified for installations. Because there are so many solar professionals out there, you’ll never need to complete a DIY solar panel installation. However, you might be considering it to ….  Read More

Partner Relationship Management Benefits and Best Practices

Business partnering has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and with the move to cloud, digital transformation, and connected applications through APIs, the changes are accelerating. How you partner with other businesses is no longer a matter of just finding partners to resell your solutions. Today, businesses are co-innovating together, co-marketing, co-investing, and finally ….  Read More

The Advantages of Working With A Fractional CMO

Your company is set to expand, but you’ll need someone to oversee your marketing and help you achieve that goal. The issue isn’t finding someone who can help; there are plenty of qualified marketers available. The issue is finding the correct person for the job: someone who will tell you the truth and offer you ….  Read More

Are You Ready for Intelligent Document Processing?

Don’t call it “OCR” anymore.” Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), or what analyst firm Deep Analysis refers to as “cognitive capture,” is a far cry from the traditional method of applying brute force OCR to documents to create searchable content. Indeed, with the proliferation of digital documents, increasing OCR is unnecessary. This begs the following question: ….  Read More

Why Learning Algebra is Important

We learn mathematics for several reasons; today we’ll look at six reasons why Algebra is important. Adults commonly respond to students learning mathematics by saying, “I haven’t used that since high school.” Students may get discouraged when they hear this response. The good news for students is that understanding mathematics and algebra enriches help us ….  Read More

Five Applications for Steel Flat Bars

Consider how difficult it would be to picture our present industrial environment without steel flat bars. Produced at a cheap cost, with remarkable versatility, and a high rate of recycling (primarily mild steel), these thin, flat bars are a crucial piece of modern construction due to their low carbon content and incredible strength. Steel Flat ….  Read More

Why is Data Security Critical to Your Business Objectives

You established a business to earn money and turn a profit. If customers mistrust your business and cease to purchase its goods and services, it would be impossible to make money. This may happen in an instant if you do not take proactive steps to safeguard their personal information. Negligence in data handling exposes customers ….  Read More

Should Your Business Become a YouTuber?

Did you know that the average YouTube user spends almost 2 and a half hours watching content every single day? That’s a huge opportunity for getting even more brand exposure, especially considering the vast number of people who use YouTube. As a business, you should give some serious thought to the possibility of joining this ….  Read More

How To Invest In Silver: Directly & Indirectly

Are you a novice when it comes to silver investing? If that’s the case, there are a few traps to avoid. Learn the tactics for purchasing precious metals before you invest. Silver may be used as a hedge against inflation or as a means to diversify your portfolio. Silver may be purchased in a variety ….  Read More

4 Tools to Utilize in a Multilingual Company

In light of the full impact of globalization in the workplace, business owners have realized that they must adjust to new standards and requirements, which may include operating a multilingual workforce. As a result, many firms are taking advantage of this trend. Working in a multicultural and multilingual environment helps employees develop their analytical and ….  Read More