• Make the world your touchscreen

Its Simply Magic

Ubi turns any surface into a touch screen. Interact with any Windows application using your finger, the Ubi pen or in-air gestures.

Interact In A Natural Way


Ubi Pen

Interact in a way that is natural to you. The Ubi Pen allows for the highest precision. Annotate pages and highlight documents. Use Ubi to create the world’s most efficient interactive whiteboard.

Use Any Flat Surface

Use Any Windows Application

Our customers recommend these applications.






One Note

Use OneNote when lecturing in class. You can annotate and highlight existing content or create some of your own.

Math Board

Engage your students by having them come to the front of the room and solve math problems for the class.


Spark the creativity of your students and allow them to draw on an interactive whiteboard.

Khan Academy

Use Khan Academy’s interactive lesson plans to help teach your students Math, Science, Economics, History and many other subjects.

Explain Everything

Annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.

Coach’s Eye

Annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.


Make your presentation more interactive and engaging for your audience. Swipe through your slide deck with PowerPoint or annotate your slides with the Ubi pen.


Keeping everyone on the same page during a project can be difficult. Manage your projects and team members by interacting with the Trello task board on your office wall.


PushBI provides visualizations for big data analytics. Interact with the PushBI Dashboard during team meetings where you review company metrics.


Sharepoint is an Office tool that provides intranet portals, file management, collaboration, business intelligence and social networks for your team meetings in the office.


See what team members are working on. Easily collaborate and share information.


Draw in your audience with a live interactive Twitter feed. Build your social media presence by encouraging event attendees to tweet at you.

Internet Explorer

Make your favorite website a touch screen that anyone can interact with. The possibilities are endless.

Angry Birds

What is cooler than Angry Birds? Try Angry Birds on a 100 inch touch screen.

Bing Travel

Help your visitors explore the city and find things to do by setting up Bing Travel in a hotel lobby.

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