• Make the world your touchscreen

It’s Simply Magic

Ubi is a hardware + software solution that turns any surface into a touch screen. Interact with any app with the touch of a finger or the Ubi pen.


It’s Easy to Setup


Interact In A Natural Way


Ubi Pen

The Ubi Pen allows for the highest precision when writing. Annotate pages and highlight documents.



Bring interactivity to your classroom with Ubi. From interactive tables to large interactive walls, transform the way you teach and students learn.


“Easy and intuitive for teachers, fun for students and affordable for the school. We have it in more than 200 classrooms.”

– Victor Cervantes, IT director for COBAEP, Mexico




Turn your team’s traditional work spaces into an interactive ones and take team collaboration to the next level.


“Ubi adds a unique technical prowess during presentations, not just with PowerPoint but even with 3D models.”

– Patrick Wirtz, The Walsh Group


Want to Try or Buy Ubi?

Try Ubi Apps without Ubi sensor

Ubi Apps are a suite of stand alone apps that help you get the most out of any group interaction experience. You can try these apps on any Windows PC, independent of the Ubi sensor.

Ubi Apps for Education

Ubi Apps for Business