What Items Can You Store in a Non-Climate-Controlled Unit?

Storage units are a lifeline for many of us, providing extra space to stash away items we don’t need day-to-day. Yet, not all storage spaces are created equal. Non-climate-controlled units, though budget-friendly, offer a less meticulous environment for your possessions. This may leave you wondering what can really withstand the conditions? Fear not, for here’s a handpicked list of 10 items that can confidently call a non-climate-controlled unit their temporary home.

1. Furniture Without Upholstery

Functional fixtures like wooden tables, chairs, and bookcases can handle temperature and humidity changes quite well. They are less susceptible to damage than their cushioned cousins in the presence of relatively modest environmental shifts.

2. Garden and Yard Tools

Spades, rakes, and shears are accustomed to outdoor weather variations, which makes them natural born survivors in a regular storage unit. Just ensure they are clean and dry before they’re housed.

3. Metal and Plastic

Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and certain plastics are resistant to rust and corrosion, signifying that they’re content without the pampering of climate control.

4. Seasonal Clothing

Winter coats and summer shorts are hearty enough to handle a range of weather conditions. Consider stowing them in vacuum-sealed bags for extra protection against pests and moisture.

5. Vinyl Records

For the music aficionado, vinyl records stored vertically in appropriate record boxes are resilient formats that don’t demand climate coddling.

6. Luggage and Travel Bags

Empty luggage can be collapsed. Bags are packed; they’re on the go, not on the fritz due to a little weather wobble.

7. Certain Electronics

Robust electronics like older stereo equipment and non-digital devices, when properly prepared, can wait out in storage until you’re ready for a throwback listening session.

8. Kitchenware and Tableware

Pots, pans, forks, and knives are accustomed to regular hygiene and can swing without climate control so long as they’re clean and dry when stored.

9. Tinned or Canned Food

Tinned food can be invaluable for non-perishable situations – as long as you’re not planning on long-term storage, they’re just fine.

10. Hand and Power Tools

Hand tools and certain power tools are made to endure heavy usage and a bit of wear and tear, so a non-climate-controlled space is no trouble at all for them.

In conclusion, while a non-climate-controlled storage unit isn’t right for everything, it can still serve as a safe haven for a range of items. By being strategic and mindful of the condition in which you store your possessions, you can make the most of your storage space while saving a bit of money. With these items sorted, you’ll be one step closer to a decluttered, worry-free home.