How to Winterize Your Camper This Season

Winterizing your camper is an essential task that every RV owner needs to do before the cold season arrives. It involves preparing your camper for storage during the winter months, ensuring that it will be in good condition when you are ready to hit the road again in the spring.

Here are 7 ways how you can properly winterize your camper this season:

1. Drain All Water Systems

Before the temperatures drop below freezing, it is crucial to drain all the water in your camper’s pipes, tanks, and appliances. This includes the freshwater tank, grey water tank, and black water tank. Make sure to also drain any hot water from your hot water heater.

2. Add Antifreeze

After draining all the water systems, you will need to add antifreeze to prevent any remaining water from freezing and causing damage. Make sure to use non-toxic RV antifreeze and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how much to use.

3. Protect Your Batteries

Batteries can be damaged by cold temperatures, so it is important to disconnect them and store them in a dry and warm place. You can also use a battery maintainer to keep them charged and prevent freezing.

4. Clean and Cover Exterior

Before storing your camper, give it a thorough cleaning and waxing to protect the exterior from any potential damage during winter. It is also recommended to cover your camper with a breathable RV cover to protect it from snow, ice, and UV rays.

5. Remove Perishable Items

Make sure to remove all perishable items from your camper, including food, drinks, and toiletries. These can attract rodents and other pests during the winter months.

6. Close Vents and Windows

To prevent cold air from entering your camper, make sure to close all vents, windows, and doors tightly. You can also use insulated covers for your vents and windows to provide extra protection.

7. Transition to Winter Bedding

Ensuring your mattress and bedding are appropriate for cold temperatures is crucial during winterizing. Switch to thicker, warmer bedding and consider adding a heated mattress pad or electric blanket for added comfort.

Investing time in properly winterizing your camper can save you from expensive repairs and make sure that your RV is ready for your next adventure. Follow these 7 ways to winterize your camper this season and you can rest easy knowing it will be in top condition when spring arrives. Happy camping!