New Florida Homeowner? Everything To Know About Hurricane Season

Being a new homeowner in Florida is no small feat. With hurricane season looming, it’s important to be prepared for anything that mother nature can throw at you and your home. Here are seven things every Florida homeowner should know about hurricane season:

Hurricane Season Timeline

Hurricane season in Florida typically lasts from June 1st to November 30th. It’s important to note that while peak season is usually in August and September, storms can occur at any time during the season.

Prepare Your Home

Make sure you have all of your essential hurricane supplies on hand (flashlight, batteries, canned food, etc.), and inspect your home for any potential damage that could make it more vulnerable to storms. Additionally, consider installing storm shutters or impact-resistant windows and doors for extra protection.

Have an Evacuation Plan

If a hurricane is coming your way, it’s important to know how you’d evacuate if necessary. Make sure you have an emergency plan in place that includes essential items like medications, insurance papers and contact information. Also, make sure you have a destination in mind where you can wait out the storm safely.

Know your Insurance Policy

Review your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that it will cover any potential damage caused by a hurricane or other natural disasters. It’s also important to document any damages after a storm so that they can be covered properly.

Check your Homeowner’s Association

Your homeowner’s association may have additional policies related to hurricane season, such as restrictions on keeping boats or other objects outside during the storm. Be sure to check their website often in case of any updates that could affect you.

Use Technology to Monitor Storms

Technology can be a great help in staying informed about potential storms. Download weather apps to get real-time updates and alerts of any severe conditions near you, or use social media to follow reliable sources like the National Hurricane Center for more detailed information.

Storage Possibilities

If you want to store important items safely in case of a hurricane, look for reputable storage companies that offer special hurricane packages. These facilities are designed to keep your items safe from severe weather conditions, and many also provide additional services like climate control and security systems.

As a new Florida homeowner, it’s essential to be prepared before the start of hurricane season. Knowing these seven things can help you protect your home and make the most of any threatening weather conditions that may come your way.