Why Car Accidents Are More Common in the Summer

With longer days, warmer temperatures, and the holiday season in full swing, summer brings a variety of delights. Yet, it also extends an additional risk pertaining to the road, which is the increase in car accidents. Here are seven key reasons why car accidents are more common in the summer.

1. More People Are On The Road

One of the main reasons why car accidents escalate in the summer is because more individuals are on the road than any other time of the year. With individuals heading out on summer road trips, commuting to and from their vacations, or taking frequent weekend getaways, it can lead to an increased volume of cars on the highways.

2. Increased Construction

During the summer months, road construction is more frequent. The additional construction projects on highways and roads can cause drivers to become frustrated and distracted, leading to more accidents.

3. The Weather Is Unpredictable

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are prevalent during the summer, increasing the likelihood of drivers losing control of their vehicles and being involved in an accident.

4. Young Drivers Are Out Of School

Teenage drivers who are on a summer break are out and about on the roads. Inexperienced teenage drivers are more likely to cause accidents due to their lack of driving experiences.

5. Drivers Are Distracted

With cellphones, music, and air conditioning, summer provides many distractions for drivers. Distracted drivers are more prone to accidents than those that are alert and focused.

6. Speeding

During the summer months, drivers tend to go faster on the highway. Speeding leads to poor decision making and delayed responses, which means that drivers are unable to react to situations fast enough and are more likely to cause an accident.

7. Tourists

Popular tourist destinations experience a rise in traffic during the summer months. With many tourists unfamiliar with the local roads and driving laws, they’re more likely to be involved in accidents, especially in heavily trafficked areas.

In conclusion, there are several factors that contribute to increased car accidents during the summer months. Drivers who are aware of these factors and practice safety measures can reduce the likelihood of accidents and keep themselves and other road users safe.