What Packing Supplies Do You Actually Need?

When it comes to moving, packing supplies are essential. But with so many different options out there, you don’t want to waste money on supplies you don’t actually need. So what are the packing essentials to get you through your move? To make the process easier, here’s a list of 8 packing supplies that are absolute necessities to make your move go smoothly:

1. Moving Boxes

These are obviously essential for packing up all your items. Choose boxes that are sturdy and the right size for your items, as they’ll make it easier to move them in and out of the house. Having boxes of all different shapes and sizes will help you pack things properly and maximize your space.

2. Packing Tape

You won’t be able to secure your boxes without packing tape! Be sure to get a thick, high-quality tape to keep your boxes securely closed. Choosing a lesser quality tape can cause you time and potentially put your belongings at risk. Spending a little extra money on good packing tape is the way to go to help keep your possessions safe.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is great for protecting fragile items during the move. It’s especially important to use if you have any breakables, like dishes or glassware. Protecting your breakables shouldn’t be left up to internet hacks and old towels. Using a protective layer of bubble wrap may take a bit more time but will ensure your breakable stay intact.

4. Packing Paper

Packing paper is perfect for wrapping up smaller items and protecting them during the move. It’s also great for filling in any empty space inside the boxes, which will keep them from shifting around while they’re being transported.

5. Labels and Markers

Keep track of all your items by labeling each box with its contents. This will make unpacking much easier! Be sure to also include which room each box should go in. Having an organized packing system will make moving into your new home or even organizing your storage unit much more efficient and save you hassle as you figure out where everything should go in a new space.

6. Moving Blankets

These are great for protecting furniture and larger items during the move. The back of a moving truck can be the most dangerous place for your furniture, so covering them will prevent the friction of movement as you transport everything. Be sure to use plenty of them to avoid any damage or scratches from occurring.

7. Dollies

If you have some especially large or heavy items, invest in a few dollies. They help to make transporting heavy items much easier and safer. Especially if you are moving alone, using a dolly can save you time and effort.

8. Garbage Bags

Keep a few extra garbage bags on hand in case you need to throw out any unwanted items during the move. They’re also helpful for keeping all your packing materials, like bubble wrap and packing paper, organized.

Having the right packing supplies is essential when it comes to moving. With these 8 items on hand, you’ll be able to safely and efficiently pack up all your belongings for a successful move!