4 Graphic Design Faux Pas to Avoid

Graphic design is a field that requires plenty of skill; it takes years to learn the graphic design process and even longer to hone graphic design skills. That’s why graphic designers must exercise caution when designing anything for others, like graphic design flyers. Many graphic design faux pas make graphic designs look unprofessional, which can cause clients to lose interest in any products or services the graphic designer offers. The following are 4 graphic design mistakes you should avoid if you want your graphic designs to get noticed:

1. Lack of White Space

Proper graphic design allows for the use of white space so the eye can easily focus on what it needs to see. This white space can be used instead to highlight certain items in an ad campaign or website. It serves as breathing room for viewers’ eyes and should always be used when designing any graphic element.

2. Inappropriate Font Choices

Fonts can make or break a graphic design. If the font is inappropriate, it will cause graphic designs to look unprofessional and unattractive to potential clients. Many graphic designers choose fonts based on their personal preferences rather than what works best with the graphic being designed. This choice makes graphic designs seem less professional.

3. Poor Color Schemes

Color schemes can set a mood and help deliver a specific message to your graphic design’s audience. For instance, red might be used as an angry color or green to represent growth and healing via nature images. Know what message you want to send to your graphic design audience so colors blend together instead of clashing.

4. Poor Practicing of Graphic Design Skills

It might seem obvious graphic designers must practice graphic design skills in order to get better. However, it doesn’t mean graphic designers can just reuse old graphic designs without adding anything new. Graphic designs should be works of art that the graphic designer gets better at with each piece he or she creates. A professional graphic designer can take a classic graphic design and make it something modern, which brings more attention to it. For instance, instead of creating another poster with an antique typeface on it, try using a more modern font for that same poster’s headline. It will keep older audiences interested while also drawing younger audiences into your message via the new refined style of the graphic design.

Graphic design that has these faux pas will not only be unappealing to look at, but it won’t elicit any emotion or action from your audience. Instead, graphic design should be carefully planned out so it looks aesthetically appealing and is easy to understand the message you are trying to convey. If you need graphic designs for graphic design flyers or graphic design magazines, check out Kristian Olson Art & Design graphic designs for stationary, brochures, and print advertisements. Visit their website at KOAD.com for graphic design pricing and further information!