Mindful Health Solutions Brings Innovative Care and TMS Therapy to Newport Beach.

Dr. Richard Bermudes first opened TMS Health Solutions in 2007. Founding his business on the efficacy of the innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for treatment-resistant depression, Dr. Bermudes and TMS Health were early entrants into a potentially life-changing therapeutic modality.

In the intervening years since TMS Health Solutions was founded, Dr. Bermudes and his team have expanded to reach clients throughout the state of California with hopes to expand into the rest of the nation.

Taking their efforts to the next level, Dr. Bermudes recently announced that his company would be known as Mindful Health Solutions.

Mindful Health Solutions: Innovative Treatment

As established leaders in the realm of TMS Therapy, Dr. Richard Bermudes wanted his company to better reflect their more expansive options of innovative, patient-centric treatment. In opting for the name ‘Mindful Health Solutions’, Dr. Bermudes hopes that the title better reflects the wide range of services now available under their roof.

Dr. Richard Bermudes said of the decision to rebrand, “We have developed a practice that we believe redefines the psychiatric outpatient experience.”

The throughline of service at all Mindful Health Solution locations will be its offering of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, a non-invasive in-office procedure that helps with depression that otherwise has not responded to treatments such as talk therapy and medication.

What Is Treatment-Resistant Depression?

For individuals who have undergone treatment for depression, resistant symptoms may suggest treatment-resistant depression. Antidepressants and counseling can often ease symptoms, but individuals with TRD find these symptoms harder to overcome. When working with the team at Mindful Health Solutions, a multi-faceted approach to TRD can incorporate TMS Therapy, Talk Therapy, and even medication.

Dr. Bermudes said, “The word mindful encompasses our overall care and patient-first consideration.”

How Does Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Help?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is performed in a comfortable chair without the need for any sedation. Clients will feel little to no effect as a medical professional guides a magnetic wand over their head, targeting the areas of the brain most responsible for the symptoms we affiliate with depression. Magnetic pulses are then released in these targeted areas, potentially providing relief.

Individuals who opt to undergo TMS therapy will often embark upon multi-week treatment plans, though some patients feel results quicker than others. TMS therapy is safe to use in conjunction with talk therapy as well as prescription antidepressants, often working to make other therapies more effective.

In addition to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, Mindful Health Solutions offers nasal esketamine services, telepsychiatry services, and other multi-faceted approaches to treatment-resistant depression. Among the other disorders treated within the clinic are Pain Disorders, Memory Disorders, and OCD Disorders.

Find a Psychiatrist Near Me In Newport Beach

While Mindful Health Solutions may be headquartered in San Francisco’s Union Square, the company has expanded to 15 locations throughout the state of California. Most recently, Mindful Health Solutions opened its first set of doors in Newport Beach at 4100 Newport Place Drive, Suite #730.

The newest MHS location was announced by Chief Executive Officer Brad Hummel. Hummel stated in a release, “We are very excited about the introduction of our new company name. It allows us to better represent our care and treatment philosophy.”

The Newport Beach location will feature four physicians as well as a nurse practitioner on location. Patients located outside of the area are also welcome to utilize telepsychiatry appointments to connect with medical professionals and clinicians.

Learn More at Mindful Health Solutions

Brought to life in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, Mindful Health Solutions is focused on patient-centric care with a commitment to academic research and groundbreaking treatment methods. Working alongside Dr. Karl Lanocha, Dr. Bermudes contributed to the publication of “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Clinical Applications for Psychiatric Practices” in the 2018 American Psychiatric Association.

To date, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has been used to address neuropathic pain, symptoms from Traumatic Brain Injuries, trigeminal neuralgia, and even migraines.

If you want to learn more about Mindful Health Solutions, fill out a Patient Registration form to embark upon the process. Support and relief for your treatment-resistant depression are not out of reach, it is only a click and a call away!