6 Technology Mistakes Utah Businesses Are Making

It’s very common for technology to be an afterthought for many Utah businesses. They are not aware of technology best practices, what everyone else is doing, or the technology they should have. The technology decisions they make are often based on personal preferences, what was recommended by a friend or family member, what looks best, or on technology trends instead of technology best practices. Here are 6 technology mistakes Utah businesses are making:

1. Not having a cybersecurity plan

Many Utah businesses don’t have any sort of cybersecurity plan in place. They think the probability that they will be hacked is low and therefore do not need to invest anything more than their monthly technology costs into cybersecurity. The reality is if you are hacked, the amount of time and money it takes to get back to business as usual can be astronomical. A cybersecurity plan should include technology best practices for password management, anti-virus software, network security, data backups, etc.

2. Not having internet that is fast enough

Many Utah businesses are under the misconception that they only need one device on their internet connection. The reality is you need more than one device on your internet connection at a time to utilize technology best practices. You should have enough speed in technology that when employees are working with technology all day that it doesn’t slow down or become unresponsive when multiple people are on the network.

3. Not backing up data properly

A lot of businesses think they are backing up their data when they really are not. Backing up your data means making multiple copies of your files and storing them in different places. This is important because if your business’s computer system crashes, you will have the data to rebuild it.

4. Not using technology that is updated

Technology best practices dictate that you should be using technology that is updated. By not using technology that is updated, you are leaving your business vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Additionally, using technology that is updated allows you to take advantage of new features and functions that can help improve your business’s productivity.

5. Not training employees on technology

One of the biggest mistakes Utah businesses make is not training their employees on technology. This leaves employees feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when they are trying to use technology to do their job. Additionally, if something goes wrong with the technology, employees will not know how to fix it. Training employees on technology should include how to use the devices, software, and networks in a business setting. This should also include technology security training.

6. Not having technology that is durable

Technology lasts longer than people think it does. Utah businesses need technology that will last five years, if not more. Technology replacement costs are higher than technology maintenance costs. To keep technology running smoothly and ensure your business isn’t vulnerable to hacks, be sure equipment is replaced sooner rather than later.

Tips: Technology decisions should be based on technology best practices and technology trends instead of technology personal preference, technology what looks best, technology what was recommended by a friend or family member, etc. It’s also important to make sure you have a cybersecurity plan in place and the internet that is fast enough for your business needs. Finally, technology that is updated and technology training for employees are important technology mistakes Utah businesses make.

Technology mistakes can be costly for Utah businesses. By avoiding these six technology mistakes, Utah businesses can save time and money. For more information on technology mistakes and how to avoid them, please contact technology experts at Simple Systems.