5 Types of Content/Marketing Tactics and How to Leverage Them to Help Your Business

Content marketing can help drive business in a variety of ways. This could establish a brand in an industry or drive valuable leads for a small business. Do not waste money when it comes to content though as investing in generic content will not convert as well as quality content. The creation of various types of content will allow a business to see which provides the best ROI. The following are tips to leverage content marketing to grow your business. 

Outreach and Publish on Relevant Websites 

Email outreach can be immensely tedious especially when writing customized pitches to publications. Look for local publications that will be of interest to your target demographic. Editors get pitches daily which is why a custom pitch is important. Mentioning something about the city they live in or pitching interesting article ideas can result in a response. Large-scale outreach projects can be managed internally or outsourced if the budget is an issue. 

For businesses that operate in more than the local area, industry websites can be immensely helpful. A backlink from a website like Huffington Post will be the most valuable though as it will help drive your company’s search engine rankings. 

Showcasing the knowledge of the company should be the aim of all content. Engaging readers is important by giving real-life examples to support the statements being made. Listing your business in directories dedicated to quality local businesses like Bestlocal.co can drive website traffic. Below will delve into various types of content along with tips to help get the most out of your content. 

Social Media 

Social media can be incredibly useful for all things content marketing-related. Promotion of content could be the most important aspect of this. Making sure that you add the right hashtags so your post comes up in search results is imperative. The hashtag #SEO would be perfect for a digital marketing company putting out content on improving SEO rankings. 

Engagement on social media is very important as people do not want to follow business accounts that post frequently but don’t post anything of interest. The ability to showcase the care the business has for its customers can be done on social media. Competitions that a brand thrives in should also be promoted like that of the Digital Excellence Awards. Customers might come to company pages to complain and this can be an opportunity to retain a customer that otherwise would have been lost. 

Engage with posts in your industry as this can drive followers to your account. The company’s opinion of what is going on in the industry can be immensely important. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm with some influencers earning ridiculous amounts of money for a single social media post. Partnering with influencers with moderate followings could actually generate more money for a brand than a celebrity endorsement. The reasoning behind this is that the followers of smaller influencers might trust the influencer more. Creating a sense of community among followers is something the influencer can handle. Your job is to find the right influencers for your brand that will drive growth. Working with an eCommerce development company can be immensely helpful. Specific companies that work in a niche of marketing can help drive results with their already established relationships. 


Podcasting can be a huge help when it comes to creating in-depth content. Inviting the right guests is important as interesting guests will drive the popularity of the podcast. Do podcasts regularly and take input from listeners in terms of what they would like covered next. Get the right equipment in terms of recording so your podcast can sound as professional as possible. Libsyn’s simplified podcasting solution makes it easy to get started. 

Long-Form Resource Content

Creating long-form resource content can provide information to website visitors and be a great opportunity to build backlinks. Updating content regularly can keep it current and the tips to stay fresh. For example, an article on guest posting in digital marketing would have changed immensely over the last decade. There was a time where companies produced content at mass levels to drive rankings rather than attract traffic as the content was often low-quality. Updating these pieces of content should be done regularly and it should be promoted. Understanding the intricacies of web design or migrating a website URL without impacting rankings shows readers to see the expertise a brand has. 

Utilize a variety of content to expand the reach to your entire target demographic. You will see growth through using best practices in terms of content marketing.