How is My Business Doing in the Technology Realm?

Businesses on the market today are completely dependent on technology. This guide explores how to identify whether issues with tech are leaving your company vulnerable. 

The latest technology available to business owners today can provide a lot of advantages. For instance, thanks to the latest tech it has been possible for many businesses to switch to a remote working model seamlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, tech also poses new problems for businesses. One of the key issues to be aware of is the new trouble with security. One recent Gartner study has found that 90% of companies that have a data loss will close within 2 years. 

As well as this, more than 80% of businesses have absolutely no security plan in place. Even fewer seem to use disaster recovery support to build their business backup after a disaster occurs. So, how can you check your business position in the security realm right now?

Evaluate Holes 

First, you need to make sure that you are evaluating holes in your business model. This includes identifying the security risks with the devices as well as the online services that your company uses. 

You should then think about how to make sure that you are able to combat these risks. If there is no solution available, then you will need to consider switching to various other services and devices that are more secure for your company.

A hole can be as simple as using weak passwords in your company that are easy to guess. 

Get An IT Company To Complete A Penetration Test

One of the best ways to check whether your company is secure is to use the support of a professional IT service. They can complete a penetration test on your business. Essentially, this test will work to evaluate how easy it is to hack into your business and steal data. 

These tests are run by experts who have an advanced knowledge of the latest strategies hackers will use to break through the security that business owners tend to have in place. They can also recommend how you can strengthen your business security profile. 

Train Your Employees To Use The Right Tech

Finally, you should think about training your employees to guarantee that they are using the right tech and keeping their interactions with technology secure. This is particularly important if you are using a BYOD model

If employees are using their own devices in your business and connecting to your network, then they could be exposing your company to security issues. Training will help a great deal. Do note that employees are often targeted by hackers. 

They can use their ignorance to identify weak spots in your security profile and then take advantage of them. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps you must take to ensure that your business is protected from security threats. Remember, customers and clients are unlikely to grant a business a second chance if they have already failed to protect them once.