Cloud-Based Solutions for Small Businesses

If your critical data is not yet on the cloud, this is something to put on your priority list, as cloud-based solutions can help a business in many ways. For those who are not familiar with the terminology, the cloud is a private Internet-based network that stores a company’s critical data, which is, of course, protected from hackers. Here are just a few of the ways the cloud can help a small business.

  • Business Communication – If you have a cloud-based network, you can run Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications and that revolutionises your communication abilities, with real time video conferencing, file sharing and a whiteboard for sharing ideas and information. You can talk to any member of staff, regardless of where they happen to be, plus you can monitor calls and record, should you desire.
  • System Integration – It is easy to have system integration if you have your own cloud network and this gives you accurate, real-time data from all your independent platforms. System integration eliminates double handling of data, making your organisation more productive, and with up to date information from all your platforms, you can make wise business decisions.
  • Customer Service – You can partition part of the cloud and enable customers to access a full range of support tools, which takes the pressure from your employees, allowing them to focus on what they should be doing. You can host ‘how to’ videos, brochures and service manuals and allow customers direct access that is password protected. Here is an interesting article that outlines how social media can boost your business, which is recommended reading if you are not focusing on social media.
  • Accounting – Store all your spreadsheets and invoices on the cloud and your accounting staff can access whatever they need without having to visit the filing cabinet, and creating permissions, only authorised employees can access the data. If you run a small business, your accountant can be given access, which allows him or her to do your tax returns, and this means the accountant doesn’t have to travel to your offices, as they can access data via the cloud, and that will save you money when the accountant’s bill comes in.
  • Security – The company that sets up your cloud network can also make sure that all your data is backed up and secure from any hacking attempt. With all your business data on the cloud, you will never again have to worry about losing data due to hard drive crashes, and with backup solutions, you are fully protected. Here is a government cyber-security resource that you might find interesting.

More and more businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the many benefits the cloud offers and if you would like to make contact with a provider of cloud-based services, a Google search is all it takes to be talking to an industry expert who has all the solutions. The more you streamline your business processes, the more efficient your company is, and cloud-based solutions are the answer.