4 Areas of Digital Marketing to Focus on to Help Improve Your Business

Digital marketing is a vast landscape with professionals from all backgrounds. There are those that are creative while others have a knack for selling services. Others are great managers and others are productivity masters as long as they are given the right task. Digital marketing can be complex so it is imperative to break it down into sections to create a strategy to improve a certain component. Below are the areas to focus on if you want to improve your business and overall revenue trajectory as soon as possible.

Content Quality

Content quality is going to matter whether you are writing for the company blog or for a relevant publication. Subpar content is not going to drive any traffic and frankly is a waste of time. Utilize tools and data from past marketing ventures to see what truly converted. Publishing consistently useful content on the company blog can attract backlinks but there should be a backlink outreach strategy regardless. Topics like web design trends being updated consistently can be an evergreen piece of content that will continue to be useful to readers.  

Content is not just written as there are a variety of other forms including video, infographics, podcasts, and interactive media. Podcasting is the cheapest out of these as it only takes time and decent recording/sound equipment. Some high quality live streaming tools never hurt either. A great industry podcast can generate as many leads as a great ad campaign. The ability to showcase in-depth knowledge in an easy to consume way is important. Most people do not want to read a few thousand words on a topic when they can listen to 4 or 5 minutes of the same material. Live podcasts can allow people that are listening to ask questions with a simple custom Twitter hashtag. Interaction is important as understanding what listeners want to hear about is half of the battle.

Social Media

Social media needs to be a part of your content marketing strategy but it can be much more versatile. This can be used for sales by reaching out to someone or obtaining contact information via their profile. Customer service on social media is paramount as a company can market how much they care and want to make things right with an unhappy customer. Engaging with others in the industry can be immensely useful as in certain business niches larger companies contract out a large portion of their work to small companies. New digital tools like https://www.greenfly.com/ make social media marketing even easier.

PPC and Social Media Ads

Being able to garner leads from PPC ads can allow a company to maximize its budget quarterly. Social media ads can convert as the algorithm Facebook uses shows quite relevant ads based on a user’s data. Instagram ads seem to be full of these types of ads with no end in sight. Certain niches of business like personal injury attorneys can spend a multitude per click on ads like these depending on how competitive their local personal injury market is.


You are going to need to take part in a variety of tactics to make sure your SEO is optimized. This can include everything from page loading speeds to tags on specific pages. Keywords also make a difference as well as interlinking pages with each other. Backlinks from relevant websites with decent traffic are going to be paramount though. Links are a huge part of Google’s algorithm which needs to be kept in mind. There are so many backlink building strategies that work but contributing quality content to a website is still the best.

Digital marketing is here to stay so it is important to tighten up your strategy. Cover the 4 areas above and you would be surprised the improvement in business that you see!