What will it take to make HR departments employee centric?

Human Resource departments have been getting some bad press lately, across all industries. From being the face of layoffs to the protector of company culture, employees have become less and less trusting of their HR teams. 

It’s about time the HR department gets a makeover and takes on a newly renovated role of being advocates for employees and peacekeepers between the company and its employees. At the forefront of this revolution stands Sarah M. Worthy, the CEO of DoorSpace, who is voicing the need for a paradigm shift in the way we address three major challenges plaguing HR teams today: retention, efficiency and the need to be employee-centric.

“Every moment counts,” notes Worthy. “HR efficiency is the heartbeat of organizational success.  I believe that streamlined processes not only empower HR teams but also unlock the full potential of every individual within the organization. Efficiency isn’t just a goal; it’s the cornerstone of a thriving workplace where people can focus and excel in their careers and in their work environment” 

But how can we address these problems to create better environments for both employees and employers? 

Worthy provides three key ways in which HR departments can reshape the HR industry.


Retention is a major challenge for companies, who are constantly at risk of losing top talent. One way to avoid this is to create a work environment that allows voices to be both heard and listened to (which are not the same thing). 

As Worthy puts it, “Every team member could be holding a piece of the puzzle to the next big breakthrough, making it imperative to create a workplace that values those pieces.”

Investing in Employee Success

By prioritizing employee contentment, organizations inherently cultivate a workforce that is more invested in the success of the entire enterprise.

We should be supporting our knowledge workers by providing them the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently,” says Worthy. “Tedious work distracts from the true value they could be providing for the company.”

Employee-Centric Solutions

As the demand for mental well-being in the workplace increases and as HR departments are seen as more of tools for a company rather than its employees, an employee-centric revolution is key. 

“When HR departments start acting as true middlemen between employees and employers and advocates for employees, then we will truly start to see a more collaborative and progressive effort in the workplace,” says Worthy. 

Worthy’s insights and DoorSpace’s solutions align with a sentiment shared by many in regards to employee management. DoorSpace’s platform is not only addressing retention challenges but also streamlining processes to enhance efficiency while ensuring an employee-centric approach.

The transformation of HR departments as envisioned by Sarah M. Worthy and implemented through DoorSpace’s innovative solutions is pivotal in redefining the role of HR in modern organizations. By focusing on retention through inclusive and engaging work environments, investing in employee success by equipping them with necessary tools, and adopting employee-centric solutions, HR can transcend its traditional boundaries. This holistic approach ensures that HR is not just a mediator but a catalyst for fostering a harmonious and productive workplace. In doing so, HR can regain the trust of employees, becoming a vital contributor to the overall health and success of the organization. The future of work hinges on such transformative steps, making HR a central figure in nurturing both individual growth and organizational excellence.