Why give your pet a collar with identification?

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Pets need all the care and attention. The collar with identification is an example of this. As one of the most important measures to ensure well-being, this little accessory gives a very special charm and even helps in unexpected situations.

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Imagine if your little animal runs away or gets lost, and you can’t find it. Precisely for this reason, having a way for other people to identify him, helping to bring him back home, is important for care.

What do you think about understanding more about this multifunctional accessory? Check out everything that should be on the collar with identification for your furry friend so that he is always safe, regardless of the species!

What information is needed?

In addition to the collar with identification tag , it is essential to add your phone number. You can add some extra contacts, like a friend or family member. So, in case of loss, you will have more than one way to find it.

Another important piece of information is your home address. So, if your pet is lost near your home, the person who finds it can feel safer in returning it directly to you. Imagine the relief of getting home and finding your little friend back, right?

The dog or cat collar must also contain information about the pet’s health, such as any special condition or use of prescription drugs. Upon knowing this, people will be concerned and try to deliver him as soon as possible, including taking him to the vet, depending on the situation.

Now, you might be thinking that it’s a lot of information for such a small space, since, usually, the collar with identification is made on a small plate. To solve this little problem, let’s talk about the QR Code. See below!

Identification using QR Code

Thanks to technology, it is already possible to add the QR Code to the collar with  your pet’s identification . With it, you can inform everything about your pet, such as diseases, address and ways to get in touch safely and quickly.

For those who opt for this model, a tip is to add basic information outside the QR Code. After all, not everyone uses or knows how to deal with this technology. To do this, add your pet’s name, your name, your contact telephone number and your address.

Another valuable recommendation is to pay attention to the material because all information must be legible. In addition, the collar with identification must be well fixed so that it does not come loose while the pet is playing and running.

Where to use the ID collar?

To keep your pet safe on a daily basis, it is recommended that the collar with your little friend’s name not come off his neck. Apart from a few exceptions, such as bath time or procedures at the veterinarian, the pet must always be identified.

After all, those who love care , and you can’t give up your pet’s safety even for a few minutes. Especially because, in a matter of seconds, many things can happen and scare the little animal, causing it to get lost. Therefore, even if he is at home, do not leave him without identification.

It may even seem like an exaggeration, however, you can’t be too careful when it comes to the well-being of your companions, don’t you think? Thus, it is better to take precautions and keep them safe.

In which cases is it valid to consider identification?

It is recommended that any pet has a collar with identification because most animals are unpredictable and can easily get lost. Felines love a night out, for example, but for various reasons, they can get lost and not come back. Therefore, with a cat collar , it is much easier to find them.

Another very common situation is that the pet runs away during a walk or escapes when seeing the house gate open. Unfortunately, you can’t predict when the pet will get lost. Therefore, all animals must be identified so that the return home is faster and safer.

The collar with identification can even save the pet’s life. Therefore, it is extremely important that you always leave him with the collar, especially when he goes to the vet or for a walk. Various unpredictable situations can happen in the blink of an eye. So be sure to identify the animal.

Did you see how important the collar with identification is? If you liked to know and want to continue your research to ensure the well-being of your companion in the animal kingdom, be sure to access other content on our blog. It’s easy to stay informed with Petz!