Find out why dogs lick everything


We know that a dog can be as curious as it is affectionate. Therefore, it is normal for your four-legged friend to stick his tongue in different places. So, knowing why dogs lick everything puts an end to your doubts about this Behavior.

In this content, we will explain why dogs lick everything they see. Understanding the causes behind it helps you get to know your partner better. Come check!

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Why do dogs lick everything? 

There are many reasons why dogs lick everything. As we said, curiosity and affection are the two main reasons for this behavior, being used to show love or to know a certain object. 

Taste is the main means by which our “dog” explores the world. This canine behavior can be associated with a baby’s habit, for example. When seeing an object, the first thing he does is take it to his mouth, in order to know the taste, consistency, among other characteristics. 

Of course, dogs still have a much more acute sense of smell and hearing than humans. Using these senses helps you make sense of the world around you. That’s why dogs lick everything 

But stay tuned! This is because this behavior may be associated with other factors, such as disorders, anxiety or allergies. Knowing how to differentiate them is an important step towards good pet care. 

Check out 5 reasons why dogs lick everything

If you are concerned about your dog licking a lot, both others and himself, it could be indicative of a condition that needs veterinary attention. Let’s list some reasons that can help you with diagnosis. Check out! 

show of affection

Licking the human family is a behavior that requires no concern or follow-up. After all, the purest demonstration of affection comes from the licks that the puppy can give to the tutors. By doing this, he is telling us how important we are to him, recognizing us as part of the pack. 

Also, when we get home, dogs can identify where we’ve been and even if we’ve been with other people through taste. Impressive, isn’t it?

draw attention

Dogs can sometimes get attention by licking their owners excessively. It’s common for them to choose this type of behavior when they want something. So, even if it seems like nothing, you need to investigate: does he need water and food or just attention?

stress or anxiety

Sudden changes at home or in personal relationships and even stressful noises can alter the dog’s behavior. This is one of the reasons why the dog licks its paw , for example.

The act causes the dog’s body to release endorphins. Therefore, he tends to reinforce this behavior to feel better and find some kind of comfort. 

So, when you realize that your pet is licking itself more than usual, look for ways to calm it down. If nothing works, consider taking him to a specialist for a more accurate diagnosis. 

Allergies or physical pain 

One of the answers to why the dog licks everything can be a reaction to an allergy or pain, especially if the animal concentrates efforts in one region, such as the paw, for example. 

Since dogs don’t have the ability to get a little medicine to apply to a wound, they respond with intense licks. Be aware if the region is reddish and starts to lose hair: this indicates that you need to seek professional help. 

behavioral diseases

Another explanation of why dogs lick everything is when the animal is affected by some behavioral disease. An inadequate routine, in which the pet cannot run, bark and express all natural behaviors, can lead him to develop disorders. 

When the dog starts to excessively lick body parts, in addition to objects, such as walls and floors, it is a sign of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Pay attention to lesions on the animal’s skin, with or without hair loss.

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When is licking a concern? 

Being aware of the animal’s behavior is fundamental to understanding it. A dog can convey urges by licking, crying, or barking. This is his way of saying what he is feeling or wanting.

Therefore, it is up to tutors to identify any change in behavior. If the animal starts to lick everything excessively and does not show improvement, it is a sign that something is wrong. 

Try to remember any changes that happened very suddenly. This may be one of the reasons that take away the tranquility of the pet. In that case, seek a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Understanding your dog is key 

Understanding your dog is paramount to remedying any problem as quickly as possible. In the case of obsessive-compulsive disorders, training can be useful to prevent the dog from mutilating itself for no reason. For this, always look for a professional.

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