Hoodies have been a staple of the modern wardrobe for decades now. Everyone from businessmen to students and even celebrities can be seen wearing them. But not many realize that hoodies are like any other article of clothing—they come in different shapes, sizes and varieties. You can wear them with different outfits and to suit various occasions; however, the thing about these casual garments is that they aren’t as versatile as say…jeans? So what’s a guy (or girl) supposed to do when he wants to take his hoodie game up a notch without sacrificing comfort or looking sloppy? Read on below!

      It’s All About the Fit 

If you want comme de garcons hoodie to look good, it needs to fit right. Too loose and you’re going to look like a bum, too tight and you’re just trying too hard. Hoodies that are properly fitted will rest just above the hip area where your jeans/pants meet your waistline—if they rest any lower than that and the hoodie will be way too baggy for fashion purposes.

 Hoodie + Dress Shirt = Hoodie Shirts 

 Hoodies don’t always have to be worn as outerwear; they can also be made into layers or even be used to create entirely new looks. One example would be taking a dress shirt (plain white preferably), cutting off the sleeves and using them as arm cuffs on the hoodie (hooks on the inside will work to keep them in place) and then rolling up the bottom of the hoodie to form a dress shirt-like collar. The trick is to use a dress shirt that’s precisely one size too big so it not only ensures comfort but also gives it that “boyfriend” look.

 Hoodie + Blazer = Hoodie Jacket 

 Hoodies aren’t just about layering anymore; they can even be worn on top of formal wear, say for example…a blazer. Just like your dress shirts, your blazers should also be one size bigger than you usually wear so when combined with your favorite hoodie, you’ll create the perfect jacket substitute. Sleeves shouldn’t go past the wrist area and the hoodie should be worn over the blazer with the front flap of the hoodie resting on top of your blazer’s lapel.

 Hoodie Dress  

Hoodies can also be made into dresses, but to avoid looking like a hobo-chick hybrid, find a dress that rests just above or around mid-thigh length. Hoodies are also best paired with modest hemlines for this look—anything too high will make it impossible to wear without anything underneath.

 Hoodie Sweater 

Hoodies don’t have to be strictly casual wear—they can even be used to create stylish sweaters, especially if you’re one who lives in colder places where layering is a must. antisocial social club hoodies can also be used to add some form of texture to formal wear like shirts or jackets, especially if they’re made from thick and fuzzy materials (i.e. not your standard cotton ones).


Hoodies aren’t just casual wear and can also be used to create new and interesting looks. Being creative with how you design your outfits will definitely give you an edge in the fashion world, so don’t be afraid to get imaginative!

Conclusion paragraph: 

For the last word on how to wear a hoodie, we want you to know that no matter what trend is hot this season or which way of wearing your favorite jacket catches your eye, there’s always one thing that will never change. You can and should style it however works best for you and your personal sense of fashion! That said, here are five trendy ways to wear a hoodie so you can decide which look is right for you.