Boat Storage Options: Strategic Storage

Buying a boat can be a lot of fun, but figuring out how to store it well is an entirely different story. Most boats are large, and even those that aren’t still take up a lot of space. 

When it comes to boat storage, it’s imperative to be strategic. Good solutions fit around your lifestyle while ensuring that your boat remains accessible. Below we discuss some of your options. 

Garage If You Have Room

Storing your boat in a garage is one option, provided that you have the room. People in Utah with boats typically require a space that is 14 feet wide, at least 22 feet in length and, ideally, 30 feet or more. 

How large it actually needs to be depends on the size of the boat itself. If you need to store a small vessel, then a smaller garage may suffice. However, most garages intended for boat storage are large. 

When storing a boat in your garage, you also need to consider whether you want to use the space for anything else. If you keep the boat in your garage, you may not have enough room for a workshop or car. 

Side of the House

Another option is to keep your boat at the side of the house outdoors. This arrangement offers several advantages, including the fact that it is free and you don’t have to dedicate any precious storage space inside your home to the task. 

Again, though, you might run into issues. For instance, neighbors might complain that the boat is an eyesore. You might also run into weathering issues. Summer sun might damage the paintwork, and winter cold could crack the hull or lead to mold. 

Storage Unit

A third option is to use a storage unit.

Storage units offer several distinct advantages. First, they are generally more secure than keeping a boat on your property. Most have CCTV installed and regular patrols to ensure that there are no unauthorized persons on-site. 

Second, they fully protect your boat from the weather. Storage units are typically robust steel structures that prevent damage from sun, rain, wind, ice and snow. 

Third, storage units are a suitable size for your boat. Most storage companies offer boat-specific storage areas, or large units capable of housing a boat. 

And, finally, storage units allow you to store your boat away from your home. This gives you more space to use your garage space for other purposes, such as for working on home projects. 

Friends/Family Property

The final option is to keep your boat at the property of a friend or family member. Again, this has the advantage of negating the need to store the boat at your house, freeing up space. However, your boat may not be secure and may still be prone to weather damage. It may also strain your relationship with the other person. 

In summary, storing a boat isn’t easy. If storing it on your property isn’t an option, then hiring a storage unit is a good bet – particularly during the winter months.