Smart Technology: Coming to a Yacht Near You

Smart technology has certainly taken over our homes, and in many cases, our cars too, and if you’re a boat owner you’ll soon notice lots of features that make your yacht smarter. Smart technology is often very useful and practical, helping with communications and much more, as well as providing entertainment. There’s no wonder it’s becoming more common on marine vessels, and here are some ways you might use smart tech in future.

WiFi is opening up possibilities

In the past, when you took a boat journey, you were reliant on radio communications, and occasionally mobile signals would be possible to reach. Nowadays, when you look at a new Bluegame yacht for sale, you’ll notice features such as built-in WiFi, which allows you to run smart devices, much as you do at home, this could include:

  • Home assistants
  • Lighting control
  • TV controls
  • Video security
  • Communication devices
  • Smart appliances

This means you can truly turn your yacht into a second home and have everything you need on board for entertainment and more. Nowadays, people use the internet for so many things, from fitness trackers for good health to streaming services to keep entertained, so on-board WiFi will change the way people sail, as they’ll no longer be reliant on unreliable mobile signals.

There are likely to be lots of ways you’ll use smart tech in your yacht in future, perhaps without even thinking much about it. Whether it’s controlling the air con by app or using voice commands to turn off the lights, it’s likely to sneak into our lives very gradually.

Could smart boats be in the future?

We’ve all seen stories about smart cars that self-drive in the news, and it’s something not many people thought would happen in their lifetime. Could self-driving boats have a similar revolution? Some boats that self-drive are being developed, although mostly for cargo and non-leisure use, but how long before your yacht can drive itself? And will this take the fun out of boating?

The truth is, smart boats for yachting are still a long way off, and when they do arrive, it’s likely they’ll still need human support, so you won’t be able to completely take your hands off the wheel, and larger vessels will still need crew for safe guidance.

Tech could improve boat safety

Perhaps one of the most interesting things that smart tech could do is save lives. While you’ll always need to take safety precautions as a boat owner, smart tech could allow for more remote operations, so fewer accidents caused by inexperienced sailors. Electrifying yachts could also mean they’re more stable on the water, with sensors and AI to guide you through even choppy storms, which could make boating so much safer.

Technology has taken over so many areas of our life, so why not boating too? While you may be worried that smart tech makes things less fun, the truth is that it’ll make your life easier. You can sit back and enjoy the journey so much more, with everything taken care of, and enjoy comfort and safety when you’re on board.