Modern Vehicle Safety Tech That Keeping Us Alive

We take the technology that keeps us safe and sound while driving for granted. As we go about our daily business, we rarely stop to think about modern car safety tech that gets us from A to B without any incidents. Driving has been a convenience that has changed our lives and modern technology has made it safer each year. We our fortune to constantly have new tech on the market that is designed to save our lives and make driving easier.

Smart Vehicles

As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, we are presented with amazing vehicle safety devices that protect drivers and the passengers on-board. A lot of the new tech you see on the market is now focused on active accident avoidance. This is technology that reacts to situations and the environment, keeping the driver safe. The professionals at Nene Overland are excited with all the new advancements as more and more customers are investing in modern vehicles.

Active accident avoidance technology consists of three main components:

  • Auto braking
  • Steering
  • Autonomous driving

It is a revolutionary new technology that is sure to take the automobile industry by storm. Here is an example of how it works. If the vehicle believes an accident may occur, it applies the brakes in certain situations, even if the driver does not.


Modern vehicles have some amazing hi-tech features that also include self-steering systems. All kinds of vehicle manufacturers have been working on self-driving cars that take over from the driver. They can make adjustments on the road to ensure drivers stay in their lane and avoid any incidents. This innovative system prevents inattentive drivers from drifting into other lanes and causing accidents. Self-steering cars are only a small part of the equation, as technology moves ahead in leaps and bounds, we will no longer require a driver to get us anywhere.

Drowsiness Detection Systems

Did you know that your vehicle can now detect when you are getting drowsy by monitoring your driving patterns and how you change lanes? Microsleep is fine when you are sitting at home watching the TV, but it causes thousands of drowsy-driving accidents each year. It is something you want to avoid when operating a vehicle on a 6-lane highway. This innovative new safety system indicates when you are microsleeping or fatigued. Some even monitor your face and glance patterns.

Traffic Sign Recognition

We all miss a traffic sign or stop sign from time to time, but it can be fatal. Fortunately, there is new tech on the market that is designed to read traffic lights and road signs when we miss them. They relay the information back to the driver, so they can react to the environment.

As you can see, there are all kinds of incredible new technologies on the market that are designed to keep us safe on the road. We have gone way past seatbelts and other designs and we now have vehicles that can detect accidents before they happen. They keep drivers attentive and respond to situations we would have never noticed.