The Benefits Of Installing a Portable, Solar Electric Fence To Contain Your Horse

If you are the proud owner of a gorgeous animal like a horse, then you will appreciate the great expense and effort that is required to have such an animal on your property. There are numerous horse owners all across Australia, and some people keep them for competition, while others have horses, because they are a lot of fun to be around, and it’s great to go riding on them on a sunny day. Taking care of a horse and providing for its many needs, is very time intensive and requires a great deal of dedication. When you put your horse out into the pasture, it’s important to make sure that it stays on your property, and doesn’t try to break out, and consequently injure itself. There is a lot of expense involved in having a horse, and so you need to protect this investment.

The best way to contain your animal is by installing a portable electric fence in the area where you want the horse to be. For those horse owners that think this kind of fence can give pain, and is not safe, you could not be more wrong, and the following benefits will help to prove just that. If you’re not sure where you can find one of these excellent portable fences, then have a look here at, a leading supplier of fence energisers.

  • They are highly affordable – Believe it or not, but these fences are much more affordable than the common fences, that horse owners have been installing around their properties for years. The old style posts and wire, will end up costing horse owners a lot more money to maintain, because the animals like using the fence posts to have a really good scratch. This meant that the posts were knocked over or damaged, and so they needed to be repaired or replaced. This took a considerable amount of time to do, and obviously cost money as well. Much like you wouldn’t scrimp on paying money for the technology to protect your home, you need to spend money to protect your horse.
  • It’s easy to assemble – These portable fences which can be bought with a solar panel, are very easy and straightforward to put together, and take down as well. This is a wonderful thing regarding the portability, because you might want to move your horse up and down the pasture, depending on where the fresh grass is. The old style fencing was a permanent fixture, and so if you wanted to add additional fencing, it would cost you more money. Portable fencing is fantastic when you just want some temporary containment for your animal. Obviously, it can be used long term if you require it. There are of course government guidelines with regards to using electric fencing, and you can read about them here.

If you are worried that his portable electric fence might present a problem for your horse, then don’t, because it is quite easy to train your horse to understand that there is an electric fence there, and as long as you provide them with food and water, they will be very happy.