Hi-Tech Logistics: Major Services for Industry

There are many specialist industries that demand specialised logistics support and fortunately, there are such companies that are ready to tackle complex and difficult transport and installation procedures, such as moving and installing a state-of-the-art warehouse storage system.

Specialist Logistics Operators

The companies that can handle such a large project are few and far between. But there is one UK company by the name of Rhenus High Tech Ltd, a tech provider that was established 35 years ago, and they are experts in many sectors, such as:

  • Server Delivery & Installation Service – When a company requires a bank of servers, the specialist would deliver & install, plus they are experienced at relocating large numbers of servers and reinstalling them to get the network up and running. Data centres can very quickly grow, and if you need larger premises, there is an organisation that can handle the entire operation.
  • Hi-Tech Warehousing – When you have technical equipment that needs to be stored safely, there are warehouse operators that specialise in the storing of sensitive white-glove apparatus, ensuring that the equipment is safe and ready to be deployed.
  • Asset Management – If you have a few hundred PCs from old workstations that you need to get rid of, call in the company that has experience in recycling computer hardware, one that is fully licensed to carry out such waste removal. It might be temporary storage you are looking for, in which case, you will need reverse logistics, where the equipment can be reinstalled at the same, or a new venue.
  • Transporting Delicate Equipment – Scientific equipment can be extremely delicate and moving a laboratory is no job for a regular removals company, indeed, you would require a company with special technicians and customized transportation, preferably an established player with an excellent reputation. Check out EastWest SVC if you are looking for Ocean Optics products in Thailand.

Final Mile Delivery Logistics

White glove delivery involves every aspect of an operation:

  • The removal of the equipment
  • Transporting equipment from site to site
  • Navigating the equipment into the correct location, through corridors if necessary.
  • Performing system set up and staff training

When you make an enquiry, a technician would pay you a visit to discuss the scope of the project, then after a short time, you would receive their proposal, and should you be in agreement, the planning can begin.

The provider would have special equipment for floor protection and negotiating stairs, and with their years of experience, they always manage to find the best way to do the job.

Other Services

If you need specialist warehouse space, long or short-term, this type of company would be able to accommodate you. They would offer equipment cleaning and repairs, X-Ray testing, should it be needed, or maybe you need a pre-installation preparing area, they would have you covered.

Fully Qualified Technicians

This type of company would send its technicians to manufacturers for special product training, so when your tech hardware is being moved and configured, they know exactly what they are doing. This is necessary due to the very complex nature of certain technical products and instruments, and with an expert in your corner, the project will be completed without a hitch.