3 Digital Marketing Strategies That Do Work

Regardless of the industry you are in, carving out your market share in this digital world is indeed a challenge, and building a website isn’t going to fill up your order books. In order to get ahead in today’s business world, you need the help of a leading digital marketing agency, a performance-based player who has an impressive list of clients. If you have yet to look into digital marketing, here are just a few of the strategies used to drive traffic to the target website.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation – The Holy Grail of digital marketing is to be the first website in a Google search, and while that might not always be possible, it is realistic to expect to be on the first page (first ten search results), and that gives you a fair chance of making a sale. SEO work is ongoing and don’t expect overnight success, but after a month, you would see the difference in site traffic. One strategy is to insert specific phrases into specific locations on the target website, as the SEO expert knows and understands how Google’s algorithms work, plus putting backlinks on the web will also result in a more prominent ranking within a search.
  2. Outreach Blogging – The SEO agency employs web content writers and they can create engaging blogs regarding every aspect of your industry, and they carefully place links that lead to the client’s landing page. The blogs are then posted on top rated independent blog sites, where they are read my many users. This is a very cost-effective way to drive users to your website, and whether you want to post a few every week, or put out hundreds, there will be a package to suit. Many of the clients that use outreach blogging regard this as an ongoing investment, which brings in a high volume of traffic, and as it works well, they commission blogs every month.
  3. Social Media – What began as a platform for high school kids to communicate, morphed into a global network that attracts billions of users worldwide, and every business should have accounts with the Big 3; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – regular posting of high-quality content will generate a large following – this is the goal of the SEO provider when they take control of your social media pages. Once you have a following, you can offer special discounts, loyalty programs, plus you can showcase new products, and, of course, you build payment gateways into your pages, making it very easy to place an order.

If you would like to learn more about the potential that digital marketing offers, an online search will put you in touch with a leading SEO company and they would appraise your online status for free, plus make some recommendations on how best to increase site traffic. If you approve their digital marketing plan, the work can begin and very soon you will see your site traffic go through the ceiling.