Author: Leland Brown

Jason Hughes Offers Design Suggestions for Modern San Diego Offices

It’s a strange time for the modern workplace. Many businesses that suddenly had to shut down two years ago due to COVID are now bringing people back. Employers like Jason Hughes are using the opportunity to make improvements at his San Diego location. It’s becoming a delicate balancing act, since due to COVID-19 pandemic, some ….  Read More

How Samsung Biologics Looks to Innovate in Biopharma Manufacturing Beyond COVID-19

During the last two years, the medical community spent time and effort focusing on how to defeat the global pandemic and the economic shutdown brought about by COVID-19. These pharmaceutical companies poured their energy into saving lives and preventing more disasters caused by COVID-19. But once vaccines were developed and found to be effective against ….  Read More

Mindful Health Solutions Brings Innovative Care and TMS Therapy to Newport Beach.

Dr. Richard Bermudes first opened TMS Health Solutions in 2007. Founding his business on the efficacy of the innovative Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for treatment-resistant depression, Dr. Bermudes and TMS Health were early entrants into a potentially life-changing therapeutic modality. In the intervening years since TMS Health Solutions was founded, Dr. Bermudes and his team have ….  Read More

Mindful Health Solutions Brings Innovative Care to the Residents of Newport Beach.

Mindful Health Solutions was originally founded under the name TMS Health Solutions. First brought to life by Dr. Richard Bermudes in 2007, the company has grown into a premier provider of innovative psychiatric care to residents throughout California. After blazing a trail for the world of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (TMS Therapy), Dr. Bermudes and his team decided ….  Read More

Ombori Grid People Counter 3

Ombori Grid Makes People Counters for Every Application

There are plenty of ways to count people, but Ombori Grid makes it easier than ever before. When you have customers trying to come into your store, you want to make sure you can accommodate all of them properly. If you have multiple entrances, keeping a count of customers can also be very difficult. Fortunately, ….  Read More

Five Great Website Designs to Inspire You

To a certain extent, web design is somewhat similar to fashion and music in the sense that they all follow style trends, and they all pay close attention to technology in order to deliver substantive experiences.  Through their creative work, fashion designers, music composers, and web designers can either follow trends or create new ones; ….  Read More

Eterneva: The Unique Science Behind Memorial Diamonds

You may have heard that you can memorialize your departed loved ones by having a beautiful diamond made from their ashes. Rather than scattering the ashes or just setting them on the mantle in an urn, you can call on Eterneva. The company uses the carbon in your deceased loved one’s ashes or from their ….  Read More