Author: Jason Prowse

Should Your Business Become a YouTuber?

Did you know that the average YouTube user spends almost 2 and a half hours watching content every single day? That’s a huge opportunity for getting even more brand exposure, especially considering the vast number of people who use YouTube. As a business, you should give some serious thought to the possibility of joining this ….  Read More

How To Invest In Silver: Directly & Indirectly

Are you a novice when it comes to silver investing? If that’s the case, there are a few traps to avoid. Learn the tactics for purchasing precious metals before you invest. Silver may be used as a hedge against inflation or as a means to diversify your portfolio. Silver may be purchased in a variety ….  Read More

4 Tools to Utilize in a Multilingual Company

In light of the full impact of globalization in the workplace, business owners have realized that they must adjust to new standards and requirements, which may include operating a multilingual workforce. As a result, many firms are taking advantage of this trend. Working in a multicultural and multilingual environment helps employees develop their analytical and ….  Read More

How to Get a Profile on CrunchBase

Crunchbase is a site designed to track startups and businesses. The site provides information on companies, their investors, employees, and other vital data. Creating a profile on Crunchbase can help your business or organization get discovered by potential customers, investors, and partners. In this article, we will show you the steps to create a profile ….  Read More

How to Write a Freelance Invoice That’s Clear and Concise

You’ve landed the client and provided a fantastic service, but now you need to get paid. Therefore, you’re going to need to know the best way to create a freelance invoice. Your bill should impress your clients, tell them how much they owe, and explain how they can pay.  If you were to make the ….  Read More

14 Signs You Need a New Laptop

Everyone agrees; a laptop is one of the momentous devices in our daily lives. Whether for school, work, communication, or play, it is indispensable in the modern world. But just like any other machine, a laptop can’t last forever; you’ll need to replace it eventually. But do you really need to replace your current machine? ….  Read More

3 Ways to Update Your Business Going into 2022

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Over half the world’s population is active on the internet. Research shows that most people communicate and do business through their mobile devices. They are ordering through their phones, making payments, attending meetings, and much more. Companies therefore must keep up with these trends to continue being successful. Going into 2022, ….  Read More

Productive Ways to Collect Donor Data Effortlessly

We all understand the complexity involved in running a non-profit organization. Having an extensive donor data list stimulates the successful working of the organization. The database helps in building a strong relationship with the donors.  Especially when you have access to relevant information such as birthdays and anniversaries, it can advocate for a better and ….  Read More

7 Simple but Effective Brainstorming Techniques For Writers

Writing requires concentration, creativity, imagination, and a lot of editing. And all of that is pretty difficult when you are going through writer’s block. One of the many challenges writers face is deciding on an exciting and creative topic. Moreover, nearly 28% of writers believe that starting a piece is the biggest challenge of writing. ….  Read More

What Is Sitecore, How Does It Work, & Why Should I Care?

Sitecore currently powers the websites and eCommerce platforms of some of the world’s leading brands and digital vendors, including Microsoft, Puma, Volvo, and L’Oréal. These larger brands trust Sitecore CMS with their websites because it can help them deliver rich customer experiences and inspire conversions. So what exactly is Sitecore? How does it work? Is ….  Read More