Author: Jason Prowse

Training In The Workplace With Microlearning

Traditional ways of teaching employees what they need to know to do their jobs isn’t working. Many employees don’t even receive any training from their workplace and are entirely self-taught. Those who are lucky enough to receive training are often taught information that they don’t use and it leaves a huge number of employees unsatisfied. ….  Read More

8 Savvy Small Business Tips For Bloggers/Marketers/Entrepreneurs

Spend money on local sports teams Small businesses can get great PR by sponsoring local sports teams, even though it may cost more than putting an ad in a newspaper. Small business grants can help you with this. Your company’s name will be shown in a big way every time the team plays, so everyone ….  Read More

The World is Not Impervious to Massive Cyber Attacks

War has always been part of human history across every part of the globe. It’s part of human nature to fight, to take things by force and create borders, and to hoard provisions for ourselves. The weapons of warfare have obviously progressed as humans have progressed. The more progress we’ve made, the more widespread and ….  Read More

Which Countries Use Social Media the Most?

Social media continues to play a significant role in our daily life. According to recent reports by Statista, there are approximately 4.6 billion social media users globally. The research institution expects that number to rise to 5.85 billion in 2027. The use of social media now goes beyond keeping in touch with our loved ones ….  Read More

Multi Device Charging And Corporate Productivity: A Tight Connection

We typically think of productivity as having to do with checking off “to dos” on our checklist, or finishing a project or steps to completing it.  It is, however, something that organizations focus on consistently.  It enables success and so much more. An efficient workday also enables productivity.  When employees have devices that are uncharged, ….  Read More

What are the Different Types of Encryption?

When you transfer information or data over the internet, it flows via a succession of network devices globally that make up the “public” Internet network. Your data may be compromised if it travels across the Internet which is why privacy for finance services is so critical. To avoid a breach, install software/hardware that ensures safe ….  Read More

What Is a Frame Grabber and What Does It Do

Frame grabbers are an important part of many high-end machine vision systems. They are essential in capturing high-resolution, high-quality photographs in a range of conditions. If you’re searching for an industrial machine vision system, you’ll almost certainly require a frame grabber. But just what is a frame grabber? And what do frame grabbers do? What ….  Read More

Keeping Track of Diversity and Inclusion

Tracking your progress is crucial whether you’re just getting started or have been investing in D&I for a while. It may be difficult to estimate the impact of workplace changes due to unconscious biases. Regular check-ins, in addition to saving time and money, help identify problem areas and ensure efforts are directed toward high-priority areas. ….  Read More

Restaurant Business in 2022: How to Start and Manage

The restaurant industry has expanded tremendously in recent years. Aspiring restaurateurs, tavern owners, various thematic cafe owners, and other catering businesses may make a thoughtful choice of cuisine and produce a nice ambiance for customers in a variety of ways. However, keep in mind that you are starting a business, which needs a lot of ….  Read More

What You Need To Study Computer Science

Computer science is a field of study that is becoming hugely popular with those with an interest in tech. This is for good reason, because computer science is a fascinating field of study and one that can lead to a rewarding career in many different areas and with many different roles to choose from. As ….  Read More