Author: Jason Prowse

Generative AI:  The Future of Marketing

The advent of generative AI is revolutionizing the marketing landscape by transforming the way businesses engage with their audiences.  Generative AI is an innovative technology that is changing the game for marketers by crafting highly personalized content and elevating audience engagement. Approximately 77% of companies are using or exploring artificial intelligence, including generative AI.  The ….  Read More

Understanding Bluebeam Revu Training

At ZenTek Consultants, we want all our clients to feel comfortable using Bluebeam Revu in a way that best suits their needs. That is why we offer different training options designed to target the most useful way to streamline your project.  Bluebeam Revu Training Options for Any Schedule Construction and manufacturing projects involve various partners, ….  Read More

Unleashing the Power of Cloud Monitoring: Better Visibility, Better Security

Cloud computing has become an indispensable part of modern businesses, with 94% of enterprises utilizing the cloud in some capacity. As organizations increasingly rely on cloud tools, storing sensitive data and running critical workloads in the cloud, the importance of effective cloud monitoring and visibility cannot be overstated. Despite the rapid growth of cloud adoption, ….  Read More

Israel: A New Tech Hub

Israel has emerged as a major player in the tech startup scene, receiving 28 times more capital flow than the U.S. on a per capita basis in 2021. Israel’s high-tech companies raised $14.95 billion in 2022. Israel is also ranked third in the world for the number of AI and machine learning startups, and 1 ….  Read More

Homes of the Future and Smart Home Tech

The popularity of smart home tech has been exploding in recent years as Millennials and Gen Z are buying into this budding industry. Hundreds of millions of devices have been shipped all around the world with over 175 million smart homes worldwide, comprised of dozens of different devices, applications, and machines. Nearly 70% of American ….  Read More

From Watches to Sneakers: How Innovation Transcends Industries

True innovators know that ideas don’t have limits. The best inventions have applications that stretch far beyond what the inventor initially imagined. This is how the Accutron Spaceview watch led to the Air Max 1, one of Nike’s most well known sneaker designs. Back in 1960, Bulova released the first ever fully electronic watch: the ….  Read More

What Businesses Should Consider when Outsource in a New Region

In the technological world we live in today, businesses are heavily focused on outsourcing by using social media, data systems, and new technology for more efficient account booking. While these strategies and systems are crucial for businesses to outsource potential candidates and prospects, there is a broader consideration for businesses to consider in terms of ….  Read More

Training In The Workplace With Microlearning

Traditional ways of teaching employees what they need to know to do their jobs isn’t working. Many employees don’t even receive any training from their workplace and are entirely self-taught. Those who are lucky enough to receive training are often taught information that they don’t use and it leaves a huge number of employees unsatisfied. ….  Read More

8 Savvy Small Business Tips For Bloggers/Marketers/Entrepreneurs

Spend money on local sports teams Small businesses can get great PR by sponsoring local sports teams, even though it may cost more than putting an ad in a newspaper. Small business grants can help you with this. Your company’s name will be shown in a big way every time the team plays, so everyone ….  Read More