5 Key Ways to Use Technology to Improve a Resort’s Operations

5 Key Ways to Use Technology to Improve a Resort's Operations

Technology has become an increasingly important asset in the hospitality industry, and the term “resort” is no exception. It’s now standard practice to include technology as an integral part of a resort’s operations. This article explores five key ways that technology can be used to improve a resort’s operations.

1. Improve Guest Communication

There are many ways to use today’s technologies to improve communication between resort staff members. Two examples of this would be using email and messaging programs. Email can send corporate communications, employee updates, and customer service requests. Even more importantly, it can be used to send welcoming messages to new guests who are about to arrive that will allow them time to settle in comfortably before heading out for their first excursion. Messaging programs allow resort staff members who work in different departments or all over the property to communicate with each other at any time of the day or night.

2. Reduce Time Wasted in the Lobby

Being able to text back and forth with valuable information about how many guests are checking in and out each day at the check-in desk saves much time that is otherwise wasted during resort operations. Another great way to have people stay in contact with each other is by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They allow resort staff members to keep guest updates within their networks instead of going out into the lobby, which is busy and active.

3. Use Technology to Monitor Revenue

In resort operations, there are hidden costs that have to be carefully monitored and controlled. Using technology, hotels can make their revenue management process more effective, such as through marketing automation software. The in-depth reporting capabilities of this type of software allow managers to check on things like conversions and ROI. It allows hotel managers to assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in real-time, rather than having to wait for the next quarter or year before they get a sense of how successful their campaigns have been.

4. Offer Secure WiFi

Regarding the security and safety of resort guests, nothing is more important than offering a secure network where the guest’s information and credit card information is not easily accessible by anyone. This makes it unnecessary for resort staff members to take their guests’ credit cards out of their pockets or purses and hand them over to them. They can give them a code to access the Internet connection.

5. Make It Easy for Guests to Book Online

Technology has changed so much in recent years that booking a room at a hotel is as easy as going online. You can book a room directly through a hotel’s website. As a resort manager or IT department, you should ensure that your website is always updated with accurate information about rates, guest amenities, and special offers. The mobile device applications for these sites allow guests to book rooms from their phones over the Internet easily.

Using technology to make your resort operations more efficient, you can provide better service while keeping the guests happy. All of this is possible by making sure you use the Internet as one of your most valuable tools.