20 Apr 2017

Customer Stories: Michigan State’s Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Not all government departments are created equal. Michigan State’s Department of Technology, Management and Budget ( DTMB) is quite unique. They impact the lives of 10 million Michigan residents every year. And yet many people outside the state government are not even aware of their existence. But they make Michigan state government tick. They provide technology, facilities, vehicles and goods each state department need.       William LaRue, Senior Project Manager at Michigan State

21 Aug 2016

Customer Stories: Reynolds and Reynolds

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, from Ohio has a heritage of nearly 150 years of business operations.  Building upon their vast experience on optimizing the business process at auto dealers, today, Reynolds and Reynolds delivers the software, business forms and supplies, and professional services that support all areas of automotive retailing for car dealers and automakers.                 Driven by a vision for business transformation, Reynolds and Reynolds focuses

12 Apr 2016

Ubi web whiteboard for productivity

A distributed team spread across the world is very common in most organizations today.  Skype, Slack etc. are making it easier to communicate with your team members. We also have services like Google Docs and office 365 that makes it easy to collaborate and work together on documents.     But sometimes, you just want to walk up to your white board and start jotting down your ideas. Any body can pick up a pen

Ubi Document Camera Application annotate12 Apr 2016

Ubi Camera

The document camera is an amazing tool that allows teachers to have a more dynamic and interactive classroom. It lets the teachers move past the white board into the world of actual objects, physical documents etc. A historic map of your city, a dissected frog, a sculpture and even a worksheet can come alive under the eyes of the camera.       So, there is no wonder that, there are a wide variety of

12 Apr 2016

Ubi annotation app

Inking or annotation is becoming a very popular feature in many apps.There are already native inking features within Word, PowerPoint , Excel and the new Edge browsers. But what if your preferred app like Chrome, or Adobe reader does not support it ? Annotating and inking is a key narrative tool for presentations and classrooms. It lets you dynamically create content making your session more interactive.   Ubi Annotation app has all the right tools

1 Apr 2016

Customer Stories : Our Lady of Victory School, Cincinnati, OH

  Last year, Anne Hambrick, a mathematics enrichment teacher at Our Lady of Victory School in Cincinnati, Ohio, was searching for a cost-effective interactive whiteboard solution for her classroom.  Her school had a few Smart Boards in classrooms, but there was no interactive solution in her classroom.  For Anne, introducing interactivity into her curriculum meant that she could make her lessons more engaging and have students come up to the board and solve math problems.

17 Apr 2014

3 Ways to Deliver an Engaging Presentation

  We’ve all given presentations before. Whether it was at the office, in the classroom, or in front of a group of friends, we’ve all done it. You’ve probably also sat through an uncomfortably boring presentation. Consider these three things and you will look like an A+ presenter, engaging and captivating your audience in a way most people are not able to accomplish. Stunning Designs If you have elegantly-designed slides, people will not be able

30 Aug 2013

Customer Stories: The Architecture Show

Evan Collins, a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo was a fifth year architecture student when he decided to organize an architecture show called PROBE, at the university. The exhibition was going to showcase senior thesis projects for twenty seniors in the architecture program at Cal Poly. Collins contacted us about using Ubi software as a part of the show and proposed a setup involving twenty interactive displays. He wanted