19 Oct 2014

Customer Stories: Machester Community College

Meet Peter LaMonica, a professor of Computer Science at Manchester Community College. Peter is a tech-enthusiast and often tries out new technology, both in his classroom, and in his day-to-day life. His goal is to teach his students to think, create and build innovatively. "When you are teaching technology, you definitely want to use tools that enhances classroom interactivity and engagement. You also want to use tools that are so innovative that it inspires your students to

15 Nov 2013

Customer Stories: Can Halloween Get Any Better ?

On Halloween this year, trick-or-treaters that showed up at Northshore Baptist Church in Kirkland, WA, received a little more than a handful of candy. Erik Jones, Manager of IT at the church, hosts an annual event called Harvest Carnival on or around Halloween. The event is meant for the community to come together and celebrate Halloween. This year, there were around 2000 attendees at the event. In the past, the church had games involving nerf

31 Oct 2013

Ubi Pen: Turning any Surface into an Interactive Whiteboard

We always love hearing feedback from customers, especially those who are excited about our product. Since our launch , we have heard from thousands of people and every day it seems like there is a new use case for Ubi. Not only does this excitement create validation for our vision for Ubi, but more importantly it inspires us to continue improving the product each and every day, creating more value for our customers. Among all