Have a TV in your office?

Snap a Ubi Touch Frame on it and make it an interactive display


Our customers in classrooms to conference rooms make use of Ubi touch frame to add interactivity to their lessons and meetings.
Here is a video created by one of our customers- David Trask,Technology Systems Administrator and Teacher at Vassalboro Community School.

Any OS, Any App, Any Size, Any Model

Ubi supports any operating system, any application, and TV with any size of any model. It is a product designed with customer needs in mind. It is universal and powerful.

Any Operating System

Supports Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android and Linux

Any application

Use your existing application and content

Any Size

Supports TV size from 20″ to 200″

Any Model

Supports any kind of TV model

Boost up productivity at your work place

Productive Meeting

Work collaboratively with visual assets like Kanban boards like JIRA and Trello as
well as PowerPoints and 3D models.

True Remote Collaboration

With Ubi you can create large, digital whiteboard
canvases in each conference room your team is in.
Ubi’s online, shareable whiteboard allows you to to draw or sketch with your colleagues no matter where they are or what device they are using (Ubi touchscreen, laptop, phone, or tablet).

Digitize Document

With Ubi, you can display drawings, models and
blueprints on a large TV and annotate over any image or document and save them.

Effective Training

With Ubi, you can make training sessions more engaging and informative. You can show interactive digital content and create engaging activities. Write on the training materials, save them and share them live with the participants, No more death by PowerPoint.

Interested in getting one?