Britt Rozenblat Pens the World’s First Rhyming Financial Education Book for Children

New York, New York(Hexa PR Wire–October 12, 2022)

Britt Rozenblat, author and owner of The Children’s Book Company, has announced the release of her book ‘The ABCs of Finance‘-a children’s book, focused on teaching basic financial concepts. Rozenblat, an advocate for childhood financial literacy and business skills, teamed up with famous illustrator Ayang Cempaka, who has collaborated with the likes of Google, Penguin Publishing and Unilever, to complete the project.

The ABCs of Finance: the world’s first rhyming finance book for children has arrived.

Britt Rozenblat, author and owner of The Children’s Book Company

“The inspiration behind my book,” says Rozenblat, “came from having to make personal financial decisions about matters my parents had taught me little about-paying bills, doing my taxes and investing. We transact money every day and being financially literate, as young as three-years-old, can help your child develop the necessary skills to make informed decisions, from the moment they start earning.”

The author continues, “When I had my son, I knew helping him learn about money management-concepts like savings, debt, and allowances-would give him a strong foundation for a financially secure future. Having another human to care for really changes your priorities and your perspective on life.”

“The ABCs of Finance” book, written by Britt Rozenblat

The resulting book is informative, amusing and beautiful, with interactive, colorful images, accompanied by rhyming financial concepts which aid learning and retention.

Rozenblat says, “Children may be too young to understand the concept of money but are able to count and identify numbers and colors. If that’s the case, get them a piggy bank and teach them about the different bills, coins and quantities. If your child is a little older, give them an allowance and teach them about earning and saving versus spending. Money management is an essential life skill.”

“You’re never too old, or too young, to learn,” says Rozenblat. “Children should be taught how to think for themselves; parents need to equip them with basic, yet necessary, money- management skills. Watching my parents run their own clothing business taught me the value of being self-reliant and making my own money, but not every child gets that early exposure.”

Rozenblat’s intention is to make talking about money and household finances less taboo. She said, “I want children to ask their parents questions about everything related to money, and I want parents to take an interest in teaching their children everything about it.”

When asked what the future holds, Rozenblat said, “Book number two is in development and we are also getting into larger retail chains and boutique shops. With early exposure to social media and TV, children are taught to become consumers very early on in life, I want them to make the right decisions, and the more informed they are, the better financial decisions they can make.”

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