Meet Peter LaMonica, a professor of Computer Science at Manchester Community College. Peter is a tech-enthusiast and often tries out new technology, both in his classroom, and in his day-to-day life. His goal is to teach his students to think, create and build innovatively.

“When you are teaching technology, you definitely want to use tools that enhances classroom interactivity and engagement. You also want to use tools that are so innovative that it inspires your students to create something on others own. Ubi is one such technology.”

To Peter, that atmosphere of innovation starts with the teacher and the equipment in the classroom. The classroom is used to teach college students how to program and think like entrepreneurs.

“I want to change the way my students approach problems. I want to teach them to do something like what Ubi is doing: take two pieces of hardware and build something innovative. Think out of the box.”


Peter uses Ubi almost every day in his classroom as an interactive whiteboard. He has other touch screen solutions in his space, but are much more expensive and less reliable than Ubi.  There have been times when his other touch screen solutions have broken down, while Ubi continued to work.   The students use Ubi to solve coding problems with the Ubi pen. Peter also uses Ubi with Powerpoint when he lectures. “I love that I do not have to keep buying whiteboard markers. I can annotate content and save it for future reference. That’s really useful to me.”

Peter also sets up Ubi on a giant LCD screen, which allows for ultimately portability. He can move the system around to different classrooms and set it up anywhere in the classroom, instead of being restricted to using a wall.

Peter originally started off with Ubi software and a Kinect. But when Ubi sensor became available he was one of the first to sign up for it. The fact that Ubi sensor is much easier to calibrate with an LCD screen and can bemounted very close to LCD screen is a big plus to Peter. Since, peter uses Ubi annotation tools quite a lot, he also appreciates the no-lag, smooth writing experience of Ubi sensor. In his own words, ” with Ubi sensor, you took something great and made it awesome.”

Peter’s classroom is a perfect example of how to engage students and get them to think entreprenurially and build innovative products.