Meet Rose Peterson, an IT Manager at the Rockford Public Library in Rockford, Illinois. Funded by a $50,000 grant from Walmart, Peterson helped put together a Walmart Computer Classroom in The Nordlof Center, which features some of library’s newest technology. The classroom features a 3-D printer, 15 computer workstations and Ubi software. Rockford Public Library offers many classes in this classroom including career searching, Excel, PowerPoint, Quick Books and many others. They use a program that is compatible with Windows 8, called Universal Class. Through Universal Class they are able to teach the curriculum and add a variety of other courses including courses on how to build your own web site, create a web site, or even psychology.



Peterson says that Ubi is perfect for her setup because “the instructor no longer needs to hold several different devices while teaching the class.” Now the teacher can simply go to the board and teach the lesson plan by interacting with the display. There is no need for a laser pointer, clicker, computer and notes anymore. The instructor can simply touch the display to teach the lesson. Peterson said the instructors also notice a higher level of attentiveness and engagement from the students in the class, making the teacher more successful in whatever they are trying to teach.
In a classroom setting, Peterson loves the pen because “it is very accurate and you do not need to press too hard for the sensor to pick up on the interaction.” These career training classes have been wildly successful at Rockford Public Library. The library even specializes in a class for seniors to learn how to use computers. The Walmart Computer Classroom serves as a model for what all classrooms should transform to in the next couple of years. By incorporating interactive technology, students will instantly become more engaged in their learning. When students want to learn and absorb all of the information we teach to them, they will be equipped with the knowledge they need in order to solve the world’s grandest challenges of tomorrow.