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Evan Collins, a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo was a fifth year architecture student when he decided to organize an architecture show called PROBE, at the university. The exhibition was going to showcase senior thesis projects for twenty seniors in the architecture program at Cal Poly. Collins contacted us about using Ubi software as a part of the show and proposed a setup involving twenty interactive displays. He wanted to turn the PROBE surface boards into interactive touchscreen displays which would be placed throughout the gallery. We instantly realized this would be an interesting application for our software and wanted to explore it further.

PROBE was an excellent way for students to exhibit a diverse range of projects which included diagrams, models, and blueprints of their architectural structures. In the past, the annual event has been widely successful, but Collins wanted to bring the architecture show to a new level. Collins said, “Past student exhibits included slideshow presentations and 3D models.”

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While the fifth year students’ work is consistently remarkable each year, it was difficult for guests to listen to twenty slideshow presentations.  He wanted something less passive and more hands-on. This is why Collins thought an interactive element was needed in order to enrich the architecture gallery.

After learning more about Ubi Interactive, he immediately knew he found the solution he had been looking for. “Adding quick touch interactivity to each display was something I was definitely interested in.” Not only was Collins interested in the product, but he was impressed with how inexpensive it was and how easy it was to setup:


Ubi is a highly cost-effective solution. Other options we looked at were thousands of dollars. We decided to rent twenty laptops and projectors, got the software and all we needed was the Kinect sensor.


The PROBE architecture show proved wildly successful and the reaction to the displays was overwhelmingly positive. Collins said that audience members usually leave the exhibition highly impressed with the projects the fifth year students produce. With the interactive touch screen display at each student’s booth, it brought the usual excitement surrounding the student projects to a whole new level.


Instead of listening to slideshow presentations, guests were able to walk up to the display and learn about the project by touching the wall. This interactive setup is clearly more engaging than listening to someone talk and immersed guests into the content.


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Evan Collins’ application of the Ubi software shows the versatility of the product. While we have received interest from many businesses to use Ubi in the office space and retailers to create in-store displays, the possibilities you can use the software for is truly endless. All you need is a projector, Kinect for Windows and our software and you can instantly turn any surface into a touch screen display.

You can see more information on Evan Collins’ setup of the architecture show on his website:

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