Ubi Hub8 Feb 2016

UbiHub : Interaction at your Fingertips

We all know the drill of getting a meeting started. We pile into a room with our laptops. We fiddle around the cables to see how we can connect to the TV or projector. If we are lucky we have the right connector. If not, there is more rummaging to find the right adapter.       What if this could all disappear. What if anybody in the room can make their laptop’s content appear

5 Jan 2016

Beyond Smart Boards and Activboards

We often hear from educators and IT staff who have had a good run with Smart board and Activboards, but are now ready to move on.   They have seen the value of a digital whiteboard in their classrooms, but are aware that these old-fashioned products no longer work for them. The reasons of their frustration range from its lack of stability and precision, complexity of tools to high cost of maintenance.     The

Mimioteach Interactive Whiteboard : Pricing and Comparison

Mimioteach has become a quite attractive alternative to Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) to a lot of educators. If you already own a projector, there is no reason to replace it completely with a touchscreen or a brand new IWB. You can attach Mimioteach to your whiteboard and get a comparable experience.  The  device is also very portable, which adds to its value. Mimioteach works with the single stylus that is available as part of its package. It supports a

Why Ubi sensor?

While Ubi software with Kinect enables the magical experience of turning any surface to a touch screen, Ubi sensor takes it up a notch. These are the major reasons why we recommend Ubi sensor instead of Kinect. Precision: Ubi offers pixel precise touch.  It can detect when you physically touch the surface with mm precision. Multi-finger support: While Ubi with Kinect detects only 1 pointer per hand, Ubi with Ubi sensor detects each finger individually, providing

31 Oct 2013

Ubi Pen: Turning any Surface into an Interactive Whiteboard

We always love hearing feedback from customers, especially those who are excited about our product. Since our launch , we have heard from thousands of people and every day it seems like there is a new use case for Ubi. Not only does this excitement create validation for our vision for Ubi, but more importantly it inspires us to continue improving the product each and every day, creating more value for our customers. Among all

23 Aug 2013

Ubi Interactive Goes Live

Ubi Interactive is now accepting live orders! We were featured on the Kinect for Windows Blog on Tuesday, August 13th, when we first announced our launch. We always love to talk to our customers to get feedback and hear how they are using the software. So with the Kinect for Windows blog post, we featured two of our earliest customers. Read the article and see how Ubi was able to add value in the workplace

23 Jul 2013

Interaction Everywhere

It is hard to imagine a world where touch screens were not playing a prominent role in our lives. However, this was the case just five years ago. According to CNET and Brandwatch, only 3% of American adults owned a touch screen phone in 2008 while 56% are now smartphone users. The tablet movement has proven that people want larger touch screens because people love to interact with them. For over fifty years, we have