1 Apr 2016

Customer Stories : Our Lady of Victory School, Cincinnati, OH

  Last year, Anne Hambrick, a mathematics enrichment teacher at Our Lady of Victory School in Cincinnati, Ohio, was searching for a cost-effective interactive whiteboard solution for her classroom.  Her school had a few Smart Boards in classrooms, but there was no interactive solution in her classroom.  For Anne, introducing interactivity into her curriculum meant that she could make her lessons more engaging and have students come up to the board and solve math problems.

15 Dec 2014


GUADUATECH is a modern architecture firm based in Bogotá, Colombia partnering with Ubi Interactive. Their mission is to provide affordable and accessible education for low-income families. Recently, GUADUATECH has revolutionized sustainable architecture by building geodesic domes using a patented bamboo construction. It efficiently allows construction of affordable, productive spaces. GUADUATECH is motivated by the following principles: Education is the best way in improving peoples' lives Technology is an opportunity for people to access knowledge Cost

19 Oct 2014

Customer Stories: Machester Community College

Meet Peter LaMonica, a professor of Computer Science at Manchester Community College. Peter is a tech-enthusiast and often tries out new technology, both in his classroom, and in his day-to-day life. His goal is to teach his students to think, create and build innovatively. "When you are teaching technology, you definitely want to use tools that enhances classroom interactivity and engagement. You also want to use tools that are so innovative that it inspires your students to

13 Oct 2014

Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Puebla Deploys Ubi in 250 Classrooms

  Victor Cervantes was searching for a solution. As IT director for COBAEP, a public high school system in of the Mexican state of Puebla, he was committed to introducing digital technology into the system’s 37 high schools. Cervantes firmly believed that the use of technology would both improve students’ learning and prepare them for the tech-heavy demands of college and the modern workplace.           The problem was finding a technology

7 Mar 2014

Customer Stories: Rockford Library

  Meet Rose Peterson, an IT Manager at the Rockford Public Library in Rockford, Illinois. Funded by a $50,000 grant from Walmart, Peterson helped put together a Walmart Computer Classroom in The Nordlof Center, which features some of library's newest technology. The classroom features a 3-D printer, 15 computer workstations and Ubi software. Rockford Public Library offers many classes in this classroom including career searching, Excel, PowerPoint, Quick Books and many others. They use a

24 Jan 2014

Customer Stories: “Hands-on” Learning

  Have you ever dropped off your kid at daycare or Kindergarten? Do you know what kind of games they played? Kids’ interests are starting to change. They are moving away from the LEGO sets and starting to crawl toward the touch screens. ThinkingCAP, an enrichment center in New York, is staying ahead of game by providing touch screen walls for their students. Through an innovative mix of multi-sensory learning methods, interactive technologies, and skilled,

15 Nov 2013

Customer Stories: Can Halloween Get Any Better ?

On Halloween this year, trick-or-treaters that showed up at Northshore Baptist Church in Kirkland, WA, received a little more than a handful of candy. Erik Jones, Manager of IT at the church, hosts an annual event called Harvest Carnival on or around Halloween. The event is meant for the community to come together and celebrate Halloween. This year, there were around 2000 attendees at the event. In the past, the church had games involving nerf

11 Sep 2013

Customer Stories: How Ubi Makes Learning Fun & Social for Dyslexic Students

Dr. Shigekazu Ishihara is a professor at Hiroshima International University and focusing on the assistive rehabilitation field. Hiroshima International University, located in Hiroshima, Japan is home to one of the top research institutions in Japan. Ishihara works with the Graduate School of Psychological Sciences, where he conducts research and works with several students in the assistive rehab area. Ishihara developed a game five years ago to help dyslexic students in the classroom. Students with dyslexia