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We’ve all given presentations before. Whether it was at the office, in the classroom, or in front of a group of friends, we’ve all done it. You’ve probably also sat through an uncomfortably boring presentation. Consider these three things and you will look like an A+ presenter, engaging and captivating your audience in a way most people are not able to accomplish.

Stunning Designs

If you have elegantly-designed slides, people will not be able to take their eyes off of you. Design plays a pivotal role in a successful presentation. Having beautiful slides can turn a mediocre presentation into an unforgettable one. We recommend an application called Haiku Deck. This application allows you to create simple designs with captivating photos and minimal text. Their philosophy is “Simple, Easy, Beautiful.” People cannot read text and listen to you talk at the same time. This is why you should have minimal words on your slides, so all attention is on you!


Story Telling

Studies show that people remember stories more than numbers, statistics, data, and facts. When you tell a story, people listen. Stories persuade and inspire people to take action. They resonate with your audience and appeal to their emotional senses. Stories take the audience along your journey and allow you to get your point across more effectively.


Interact with your Content

Static PowerPoint slides can be boring. Engage your audience by adding notes and mark up on the content on your slides. Once you have Ubi running, you can open your presentation and click on the annotations icon that looks like a pen. You can choose to annotate with a pen, highlighter, or laser pointer.