GUADUATECH is a modern architecture firm based in Bogotá, Colombia partnering with Ubi Interactive. Their mission is to provide affordable and accessible education for low-income families. Recently, GUADUATECH has revolutionized sustainable architecture by building geodesic domes using a patented bamboo construction. It efficiently allows construction of affordable, productive spaces.

GUADUATECH is motivated by the following principles:

  • Education is the best way in improving peoples’ lives
  • Technology is an opportunity for people to access knowledge
  • Cost barriers prevent low-income families from accessing the technology and tools necessary for higher education

“We were looking for a more affordable solution to distribute technology. Purchasing a tablet for every child is unaffordable and interactive boards are expensive. Ubi Interactive was the solution!”– Catalina Segura, a team member at GUADUATECH

With Ubi Interactive, GUADUATECH is offering affordable classrooms to non-profit organizations working in some of the most remote areas of the country. Our goal is to help low-income children become technologically literate.