30 Aug 2013

Customer Stories: The Architecture Show

Evan Collins, a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo was a fifth year architecture student when he decided to organize an architecture show called PROBE, at the university. The exhibition was going to showcase senior thesis projects for twenty seniors in the architecture program at Cal Poly. Collins contacted us about using Ubi software as a part of the show and proposed a setup involving twenty interactive displays. He wanted

23 Aug 2013

Ubi Interactive Goes Live

Ubi Interactive is now accepting live orders! We were featured on the Kinect for Windows Blog on Tuesday, August 13th, when we first announced our launch. We always love to talk to our customers to get feedback and hear how they are using the software. So with the Kinect for Windows blog post, we featured two of our earliest customers. Read the article and see how Ubi was able to add value in the workplace