Overview of the Portable Pen Only Set Up.



This is a set up where you will use only Ubi camera and Ubi pen to create an interactive display. This set up is useful in the following scenarios.

  • You need a portable set up that can be carried around easily and set up within minutes.
  • You need a display that is much larger than 120″.
  • You need to turn a TV screen interactive
  • You need to turn a no-flat surface interactive

Setup the hardware as follows:

  • Connect your PC to an LCD display.
  • Place the Ubi camera in front of the projected or LCD display.
  • Connect the Ubi camera to the PC

You will only be able to interact using the Ubi pen with this setup.





Select your setup

When running Ubi in the “Step by Step Calibration” mode, choose “Portable Pen Only” and proceed.




Connect your PC to a display


Connect your PC to a LCD or Projector. Make sure that your display is not larger than 160″.



Position the camera.


Affix the camera to the small mount provided.

Place the camera about in front of the display. For an 80″ display, the camera will be placed at about 30″ from the display, If your display is much larger or you are using a “Special Long Throw Camera”, you will need to place the camera further. Make sure that the camera does not move easily.




Connect the Ubi camera to your PC


Connect the Ubi camera to your PC using the USB cable provided. Position the camera in front-center of your display.
Once you have connected all the hardware, start Ubi.



Camera preview.


The camera preview shows you how much of your display the camera can see. Move the camera until it can see all of the display. For optimal performance, make sure the display fills up as much of the camera preview as possible.
Once you click the Calibrate button, a dot pattern will quickly flash and if the calibration is successful, you will proceed to mount the emitter.
If calibration fails, it is likely due to the following reasons:
1. There is not enough contrast and the camera cannot see all of the display. In this case, adjust the room lighting and make sure there is no reflection on the LCD display.
2. The entire display is not within view of the camera.
3. There is too much clutter on or around the display that causes Ubi to detect more than 36 calibration dots.





Successful Setup


Once the emitter is in its final position, you have completed the setup process. You will be prompted to choose how you would like to calibrate the next time you use Ubi.
We recommend selecting “Standard Calibrate”, once you know how to set up the hardware .



Start Interacting


Make sure that the tip of the pen is always visible to the camera. Make sure the pen i charged using the charging cable provided.
 If the pen is charged, when the tip of the pen presses down, a red indicator light will glow.