It is Simply Magic

Ubi turns any surface into a touch screen. Interact with any app with the touch of a finger.


It is Easy to Setup


Turn any whiteboard interactive.

You already have a projector, PC and whiteboard or wall – why not use what you already have to bring interactivity to your classroom. With Ubi, you don’t have to invest in new projectors or interactive boards. Using smart software and simple hardware, Ubi turns your existing whiteboard and wall interactive.

Because all of the smarts is built into the software, Ubi requires minimal hardware and it is all cleverly integrated. Ubi works with any projector and PC. Calibration is automatic, requiring no user input so you spend no time configuring software and all of your time teaching.

Ubi Portable Interactive whiteboard in Classroom


And you can also use any app on your PC

Ubi does not lock you into its own proprietary software: you can interact with any app on your Windows 7,8 or 10 PC or with content on your favorite browser. For those of you migrating from Smart or Promethean boards, Ubi can be used with existing lesson plans created in Smart Notebook or Active Inspire.

Microsoft Office

Annotate and save directly in Word, Power Point and Excel

Use Your Existing Content

Use your existing lesson plans and content with Ubi.

Google Apps

Use Ubi with Google Classroom to make learning truly collaborative.

And Much More…

If its on your PC, you can use it with Ubi.