It is Simply Magic

Ubi turns any surface into a touch screen. Interact with any app with the touch of a finger.


It is Easy to Setup


Turn any projector interactive.

Your meeting room today already has a projector, why not use what you already have to bring interactivity to your meeting room. With Ubi, you don’t have to invest in new projectors or interactive boards. Using smart software and simple hardware, Ubi turns your existing projector interactive.

Because all of the smarts is built into the software, Ubi requires minimal hardware: just the Ubi camera, emitter and pen. Ubi works with any projector. Calibration is automatic, requiring no user input so you spend no time configuring software.

Interact with any app or content on your PC

Ubi does not lock you into its own proprietary software: you can interact with any app or content on your PC or browser.

Microsoft Office

Annotate and save directly in Word, Power Point and Excel

Web Applications

Pick your favorite browser and interact with your web application.


Use the inbuilt whiteboard or a Mindmap tool too create and collaborate.


Pan, rotate, zoom in and annotate on 3D models and blueprints

Video conferencing

Pick your favorite video conferencing tool. Use it with shareable whiteboard for more productive meetings

And Much More…

If its on your PC, you can use it with Ubi.

The Packages contain Ubi Software and the Ubi Sensor


  • Interact using the Ubi pen or finger in mouse mode.
  • Tap, Scroll
  • 1 Mousepoint
  • Includes 1 Ubi Pen

  • Annotate with the Ubi Pen and use basic touch gestures.
  • Tap, Swipe
  • 1 Touchpoint
  • Includes 1 Ubi Pen

  • Have multiple people annotate with the Ubi Pen and multi-touch gestures
  • Tap, Swipe and Zoom
  • 20 Touchpoints
  • Includes 4 Ubi Pens

Not sure which package to choose ?Learn more here.