Overview of the Extended Setup.



The diagram shows an overview of the Extended setup. Use this setup if you want to stitch together two 80” interactive displays. The Ubi camera is plugged into a PC and the emitters are plugged into a power supply.
Setup steps:

  • Create two 80” displays side by side.
  • Mount the Ubi camera.
  • Mount the two emitters.
  • Fine-tune the setup.




Create the physical setup.


Mount the projector, Ubi camera and emitter as specified in the diagram below. The measurements below are guidelines to create two, side by side 80” displays.
Connect all required hardware:

  • The projectors must be connected to the PC (create two 80” displays)
  • The Ubi camera must be connected to the PC
  • The emitters must be plugged into a power source

Other useful links:
How to assemble the wall mount for the Ubi Camera





Enable Extended Display on your PC


Enable extended display on the PC and project your display

  • Press the Windows “Start” key and type “display setting”
  • Open display setting
  • Change “Multiple display” mode to “Extend these displays”
  • Ensure screens are set side-by-side and are the same resolution
  • Drag the application you want to extend across both the displays. The alternative to this method is to use some kind of screen stitching software.






Choose the extended set up


When running Ubi in the “Step by Step Calibration” mode, choose “Extended Setup” and proceed.





Ensuring the Ubi app covers the entire display


In order for Ubi to calibrate, the application needs to be stretched across the two displays. There are two options to enable this:
Option 1:

  • Open Ubi Configurator again and enable partial calibration. Save and Quit.
  • Start Ubi. Move and resize the Ubi main application window to cover the entire display area.
  • If calibration is not accurate, please use point by point calibration with the emitter turned off.

Option 2:
If you have software that makes display as one display, you do not need to enable resizable, but just continue with default window settings (maximized).




Run Ubi


  • When you run Ubi you should see a small Ubi window.
  • Maximize Ubi to take up both screens.
  • Proceed through to calibration as directed in the application.


Camera Preview


The camera preview shows you how much of your display the camera can see. Adjust your display until all of your display can be seen by the camera. If you cannot shrink the display, move the position of the camera. For optimal performance, make sure the display fills up as much of the camera preview as possible.

Once you click the Calibrate button, a dot pattern will quickly flash and if the calibration is successful, you will proceed to mount the emitter.

If calibration fails, it is likely due to the following reasons:

1. There is not enough contrast and the camera cannot see all of the display. In this case, adjust the room lighting or brightness of the projector.

2. The entire display is not within view of the camera.

3. There is too much clutter on or around the display that causes Ubi to detect more than 36 calibration dots.



Affix the markers on the display.


Place the two markers provided directly on your display at the location specified (dotted circles).



Power up the emitter.


Connect the emitter to the power supply. The emitter is turned on by the Ubi
sensor and will display a faint blue light.
When the emitter is off, it will display a red light. Please note that the emitter should be powered down when Ubi is not in use.


Adjust the emitter.


Use the markers and cross hairs to determine when the IR curtain is parallel to the surface. Once the emitter is affixed to the wall, adjust the emitter so that some part of the circular cross hair appears on each marker. Once the emitter is in its final position, you should see a cross hair exactly at your fingertip as you touch around the screen.


Remove the markers.


One the emitter is in its final position, you can remove the markers from your display surface.




Successful Setup.


Once the emitter is in its final position, you have completed the setup process. You will be prompted to choose how you would like to calibrate the next time you use Ubi.


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