We all know the drill of getting a meeting started. We pile into a room with our laptops. We fiddle around the cables to see how we can connect to the TV or projector. If we are lucky we have the right connector. If not, there is more rummaging to find the right adapter.





What if this could all disappear. What if anybody in the room can make their laptop’s content appear on the TV or projector with one click ? Sounds far fetched ? Not so much, if you are familiar with Apple TV or Chromecast. And if you live in the Windows world, this may remind you of Miracast as well.



But they all stop one step short of making this a truly productive experience. If you want to interact with the content, everyone still have to stay rooted to their laptops and tablets. If you get feedback on any changes to your design or your presentation that you are sharing, you may end up taking a lot of notes on a whiteboard or a notepad. Later you have to go back and transcribe these notes . If you are lucky, you will associate the comments and feedback to the right slide. Talk about all the miscommunication and time wasting that ensue.








Now what if, what if, you can just walk upto the screen and interact with your content directly. You can beam your presentation up on that Big TV or projection. Any one can annotate on it and make changes to it. You can show your new design to your colleagues and customers, rotate the 3D model as you show the features and mark up the important parts or ink in the feedback from your clients.



That will be an Apple TV or Chromecast on Steroids. You not only get the simple connectivity of beaming your content onto the display, anyone in the room also get the ability to interact with and modify the content directly.



How is this even possible ? Well, we have baked it all into a magic stick ( and of course some software). You simply plug in the UbiHub into the HDMI display port of your projector or TV.



UbiHub works as a stand alone PC and you can already start using it without any other device connected. If all you want to do is a quick and fast whiteboarding, UbiHub will just be enough for you. But we know, almost always you want to show the content from your own laptop. With a click of a single button, you can share your screen instantly. Your laptop will be automatically be detected by UbiHub and you can choose to connect to it. Voila! Your presentation is already on the display ready to be swiped and inked. You can use your finger or Ubi pen to interact with your display.

The benefits
Apart from all the wows from your audience what are the other benefits of having UbiHub in your meeting rooms ?



UbiHub definietly saves your time.

  • Time to set up: Setting the right source on your projector or TV, finding the right cable or adapter for your laptop and making sure your content shows up nicely on the display etc are just a time waster. With one click, that can disappear and you can get to the presentation real fast.
  • Post-meeting work: Much time is spent after each meeting where you collect together all the feedback and change requests that you have received. This compounds if there were multiple authors, multiple presentations or content. with the direct interaction with the content, you can ink-in or make the modifications directly on the content. Everyone can be emailed the modified content before you leave the meeting room. That way everyone is on the same page.



What is better than saving time ? Saving Money of course. UbiHub also saves you money in many ways

  • Cost of Cabling: Wiring up Display and USB cables, so that they nicely come out of the middle of your conference room table costs a lot. Labor costs itself can be upwards of a couple of thousand dollars. And then there is the additional cost of cables and adapter and such. UbiHub is truly wireless and there is no cable or dongle needed.
  • Cost of new touch devices: If you already spent a fortune on touchscreen TVs or interactive projectors, it may be too late. But it is still nice to know that you can retrofit your old “dumb” TVs and projectors with Ubi sensors and make them interactive. That too at a fraction of the cost of new devices. UbiHub comes conveniently bundled with the Ubi Enterprise Touch kit.


Why waste your time connecting to technology ? Get UbiHub and start connecting to your team instead.


Learn more on how to use Ubi Hub here.

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